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The Bullhorn Marketplace has 100+ vetted technologies that integrate directly into Bullhorn. Many of these tools can be used to increase adoption and productivity, through keeping employees inside Bullhorn, as well as instilling best practices for common recruiting tasks.

Keep scrolling to learn more about these three key partners that help our customers boost productivity every day. 

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Staffing and Recruiting Firms are…

Struggling to ensure performance and output in a rapidly changing, virtual workplace

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Improving performance, keep employees motivated, and increase output

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Leverage technology to drive efficiencies, foster best practices, and create an atmosphere of collaboration

Cloudcall is a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) communications solution that allows you to streamline recruiter processes to make more calls each day.
Enhance the quality of inbound and outbound calls with all candidate details and conversation history at your fingertips. Below are a few key ways how this gets done.

Click to Call from anywhere


Simply click on any phone number in Bullhorn, LinkedIn, other web pages and the call is automatically dialed and logged. The associated record and notes page automatically pop up; linked to that contact’s record.


Speed through calling lists


CloudCall allows a team to roll through a list in Bullhorn. Use the integrated CloudCall for Bullhorn Dialer to tackle tear sheets in record time. To be even more productive, leave a pre-recorded voicemail message as you are dialing the next candidate.

More complete call notes, consistently


Even well-intentioned people cut corners when things get hectic. CloudCall reduces the friction involved with properly documenting calls and texts. As the call starts, CloudCall automatically updates the Bullhorn contact log and displays the Bullhorn notes page. Management can pinpoint and address issues early on with completed call logs, notes, SMS messages, and call recordings stored in Bullhorn. Onboarding speeds up, accountability is enforced while staff success boosts retention.



“Time is money in our industry. In my opinion, CloudCall for Bullhorn is all about reducing steps, documentation capability, and data transparency across the organization.”

Anastasia Valentine
President & Managing Partner, Resource 1

Cube19 is a growth analytics platform specifically designed for recruitment agencies. 

Increase the Performance of Every Individual


cube19 ensures your billing managers and recruiters are consistently working with the clients, jobs, and candidates with the best revenue opportunities. Actionable Insights help recruiters to understand the BEST next action to take for their fastest route to cash.

Staffing and recruiting firms using cube19 commonly see a rise in Net Fee Income of 15% across the board.


Improve Data Quality and Bullhorn Adoption


Transform your data-quality and adoption of Bullhorn overnight by gamifying recruiters to record what they do, when they do it. cube19's beautifully designed leaderboards, trend graphs, custom incentives, and deal flashes provide a clear and current visual representation of your Bullhorn data and give consultants a reason to input good quality data. cubeTV provides an easy way to drive specific behaviors and is proven to profoundly impact Bullhorn adoption.


“It allows us to go beyond just telling consultants what to do and actually show them how."

Jon Butterfield
CEO & Founder, Talent International

Daxtra is a multilingual data capture, parsing, searching, matching and aggregation solution.
This tool enables new recruiters to be productive from day 1 by automatically creating high quality searches and improving data quality. 

DaXtra Search Workflow

Achieve complete data transparency so your employees can work as a team

  • DaXtra Capture automatically enhances candidate profiles with rich structured data, using highly accurate multilingual parsing technology - based on machine learning over billions of resumes. 
  • Even with every team member operating independently, trust that complete, accurate data is entering your system and important sourcing information isn’t being siloed

Equip all recruiters with the ability to run powerful complex searches

  • The dynamics of the recruitment landscape are rapidly changing. In job-short markets, finding the very best talent first is the only way to win. On Top of this, the entire standard of working has changed, recruiters need to be productive anywhere, anytime. 
  • DaXtra’s resume search technology finds the most relevant candidates quickly, using natural language processing to match them to jobs and shortlists based on the context of their experience and skills.
  • Empower every team member to source like a pro easily finding and shortlisting top candidates before the competition directly in Bullhorn.
Search Screenshot 1


“It allows us to go beyond “We really appreciate the fact that we can use DaXtra right in Bullhorn and it pulls candidates from either the ATS or job boards and matches them really effectively based on skills. It helps us provide clients with fresh talent that matches their job orders as quickly as possible. We’ve already seen at least 2x the ROI on incorporating this into our techstack.” Just telling consultants what to do and actually show them how."

Sean Snyder
Senior Director of Technology, Talent Launch

Jeff Staats
Head of Marketing, Talent Launch


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