For more than 7,000 healthcare organizations and 3,000,000 caregivers, Relias continues to help clients deliver better clinical and financial outcomes by reducing variation in care. Our platform employs analytics and assessments to reveal specific gaps in skills and addresses them with targeted, personalized and engaging learning. We help healthcare organizations, their people, and those under their care, get better. Better at identifying problems, addressing them with better knowledge and skills, and better outcomes for all. Let us help you get better:

Category: Assessment
Location: Asia PacificNorth AmericaUnited Kingdom & Ireland
Platform: Bullhorn

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Make Smarter, Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Using Assessments as a Screening Tool
Pre-hire assessments can screen for applicants with the necessary job knowledge and skills and/or desired organizational values. Using validated assessments helps focus limited time and resources, shapes interviews, and ensures EEOC compliance.

Using Assessments to Place Candidates
Assessments identify and match candidates in a specific role, by evaluating personalities and skill sets. Placed in best-fitting roles, new hires are more likely to find long-term satisfaction and success.

Gain Insight to Address Knowledge Gaps

Using Assessments as a Developmental Guide
Assessments give insights into a new hire’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and characteristics. This information can be used to customize on-boarding and given to managers for future developmental aid.

Using Assessments to Evaluate Incumbent Staff
Evaluate annual competencies through post-hire assessments for existing staff and lateral transfers. Assessments help identify individual and group educational needs to focus educational resources

Identify and Support Emerging Leaders

Using Assessments for Leadership Positions
Assessments measure competencies and behavioral attributes unique to leadership positions. Using this data, organizations can proactively identify future leaders and create succession plans to prepare them for the next steps within the organization.

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