Uncover hidden candidates

Build powerful semantic searches in seconds and find top quality candidates you are currently missing across your CRM, CV Databases and LinkedIn.

Our market-leading, AI-driven smart taxonomy underpins everything we do. Type in what you are looking for and SourceBreaker will enhance your search with all the synonyms for that particular skill or job title.



Multiple opportunities to place every candidate

Improve your Candidate Job ratio by matching candidates to live employer job leads, sourced directly from their careers pages.

Your recruiters work smarter, and maximise their chances of placing every candidate by having multiple, perfectly matched opportunities to send them to.

Blindly calling businesses is a thing of the past with SourceBreaker, as every call into a new prospect is combined with the perfect candidate for their vacancy.



Never miss an opportunity

Work faster and smarter with instant notifications, directly within your feed the second new candidates and leads become active.

Our SourceBot technology automates the search and match process, so every day you wake up with a list of perfectly matched candidates and job leads to engage with.

Save your recruiters two hours per day to redirect to revenue- generating activities, spending more time engaging with candidates and hiring managers.



Differentiate your agency

Our industry first Intel Centre provides your recruiters with instant market knowledge on every skill and industry.

Power your candidate and client conversations with up-to-the-minute news, salary, and funding data and improve the quality of every call and provide further revenue generating opportunities.

This actionable insight provides your recruiters with the knowledge to speak with authority about their market and improve email and phone engagement.

Funding data puts recruiters ahead of the curve so they can start building relationships with hiring managers before jobs even go live.

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