Communicate faster and build better relationships - Start texting!

The TextUs integration for Bullhorn allows your team to add powerful business-class text messaging™ and click-to-call software to your Bullhorn workflow. Import groups of contacts from tearsheets, send personalized broadcast and individual messages with templates and track all that texting with each contact in Bullhorn.


Introducing TextUs Click-to-Call - 10x Your Team’s Productivity

A faster communication workflow with fewer clicks will make your team more productive and your contacts more engaged. That’s why TextUs is launching a click-to-call service to help drive the real conversations that grow your business.

Boost team productivity with TextUs Click-to-Call – Use a conversational texting approach to warm up contacts instead of going straight to the cold call. Once you’ve started a conversation, instantly click-to-call right in your workflow.


Turn your numbers into a real-time communication platform

Now you can use TextUs business-class text messaging™ combined with click-to-call software to warm up contacts and drive the real conversations that grow your business. TextUs empowers professionals to provide a one-to-one connection to their customers, engage contacts with personal outreach, and dramatically accelerate the way we get business done.

With a real-time communication strategy you’re not cold calling your contacts, or expecting a response from an impersonal automated email: You’re opening a conversation and asking them to respond when they’re able. On their terms. For the first time, you’re having a real conversation and dialog with your contacts.


Powerful business texting features to help your team communicate faster

This isn’t basic SMS. The TextUs for Bullhorn integration gives your recruiters enterprise level text messaging software they’ll love. Organization-wide message templates, opt-outs and more admin features to manage your team’s texting.

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