Zapier is an easy-to-use integration platform that allows non-technical users to connect Bullhorn CRM with over 500 other applications such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Google and more.

Category: Systems Integration
Location: Asia PacificBeneluxDACHNorth AmericaUnited Kingdom & Ireland
Platform: BullhornBullhorn and Bullhorn for Salesforce

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How To Use Zapier

You start by creating Zaps, a trigger/action pair that can run automatically every 5-15 minutes depending on your plan. When a trigger happens in one app (for instance “any time a new contact is added to Bullhorn”), Zapier then automatically performs the action you determine (for instance “create a subscriber in MailChimp”).


New Opportunity

Triggers when a new Opportunity is added to Bullhorn.

New Task

Triggers when a new Task is added to Bullhorn.

New Lead

Triggers when a new lead is added to Bullhorn.

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is added to Bullhorn.

Updated Contact

Triggers when a contact is updated in Bullhorn.


Create Lead

Creates a new Lead

Create Task

Creates a new Task

Create Contact

Creates a new Contact

Update Contact

Updates an existing Contact

By creating Zaps between Bullhorn and other applications, you don’t have to worry about APIs or writing custom code.  Zapier handles all that for you; allowing you to quickly and easily integrate Bullhorn with the other applications you need.

Here are Just a Few Example Zaps that Can be Created Using the Zapier Platform

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