Engage Directly with Hiring Managers & Top Talent

Export accurate and actionable Candidate, Lead, Contact and Company data from ZoomInfo and its ReachOut Chrome Extension directly into Bullhorn. The ZoomInfo Bullhorn Connector lets you check for duplicates and custom map the fields you want to update in Bullhorn.

Supercharge full-desk recruiting efforts by building a network of clients and candidates in one place.


Real-Time Insights on Hiring & Staff Changes

ZoomInfo’s deep business intelligence provides the context needed to identify ideal candidates and contacts, including organization charts, company hierarchies, technologies used, and more. Additionally, you can easily find companies with a project or need through ZoomInfo’s Scoops and Intent data, which offer insights on hiring, funding, projects, executive moves, and pain points.


Source the Most In-Demand Passive Candidates

The most in-demand candidates need you to pitch them their next career opportunity. ZoomInfo helps you source passive talent with a precise range of technical skills and functional experience. Recruiters can find and add employee profiles as new contacts or leads in Bullhorn within seconds. Complete your records with direct-dial phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and verified email addresses – so you can contact the right people directly.


Build Consistent Pipeline of Qualified Candidates

Each step of the recruiting lifecycle is enhanced with the ZoomInfo Bullhorn Connector. With comprehensive insights and streamlined workflows, recruiters can effectively manage their current candidate pipeline – and attract, engage, and nurture future candidates.

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