Introducing Onboarding365

Bullhorn Onboarding365 helps staffing firms scale their business and speed up time-to-revenue by streamlining the candidate onboarding process. Read on to discover why top firms are choosing Onboarding365 and to see the solution in action.

What is Onboarding365?

With Onboarding365, candidates can intuitively complete online paperwork, without the need for complicated instructions nor duplicate data entry. As a result, Onboarding365 enables agencies to reduce candidate drop-out, get candidates on assignment faster, and meet complex onboarding requirements.

Here's how:

Drastically reduce drop-out by eliminating manual work

Poor user experience and manual data entry causing candidates to drop out before their start date? Deliver an improved and intuitive, mobile candidate onboarding experience with Onboarding365 that ultimately prevents candidate falloff.

Get candidates on assignment faster and speed up time-to-revenue

Is your onboarding experience causing late starts? Automate tedious tasks, create candidate notifications, and view onboarding progress by recruiter to ensure on-time completions and candidate start dates.

Meet government, client, and agency standards

Comply with regulations by maintaining up-to-date documentation, controlling requirements gathering with a robust rules engine, and being audit-ready.

How Are Firms Benefiting From Onboarding365?



How Execusource Grew their Business with Onboarding365

Execusource, a staffing and consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia, that specializes in finance, accounting, IT, and healthcare professions, found an onboarding solution that met the many challenges of their growing business with Onboarding365.


Decrease in hours spent completing onboarding tasks
Onboarding365 helped lower Execusource's margin of error considerably, and lowered the average time spent onboarding from 3.5 to 2 days.

Onboarding365 is a triple threat - it makes completing paperwork a breeze for candidates, it frees up operations teams from tedious backend setup and paperwork, and it ensures the client is happy, which means more on-time starts and fewer drop-outs.

William Smith
HR Generalist, Execusource

See Onboarding365 in Action


Don’t take our word for it - get a closer look at Onboarding365 with these quick video demonstrations.


Intuitive for Candidates

Creating onboarding packets can be a tedious process, and some candidates struggle with completing onboarding tasks, especially on a mobile device. Discover how Onboarding365 improves both the recruiter and candidate experience.


Efficient for Agencies

In this video, take a look at the Document Manager tool, which enables users to efficiently create and manage onboarding packets, ensuring that the right documents are provided to right candidate every single time.


Smart for Compliance

As candidates complete onboarding documents, their data flows back into Bullhorn. Utilzing the power of automation, Bullhorn automatically hides certain information depending on the user's role, ensuring that sensitive data remains hidden.

Use these additional resources to learn more about the onboarding process and our new Onboarding365 product. Or feel free to request more information and we’ll walk you through a catered demonstration.

Embracing Digital Transformation with Next-Generation Onboarding
Digital transformation has impacted the staffing industry, changing the expectations of candidates and clients who are opting to migrate to simple, flexible, convenient, and personalized solutions. In this ebook, learn more about how next-generation onboarding can help deliver this highly sought-after candidate and client experience.
Bullhorn Onboarding365: Next-Generation Onboarding
Join us on May 4th, 2021 at 2PM EDT for a webinar demonstration of our newest solution, Bullhorn Onboarding365. This solution features mobile-friendly web forms and a pre-configured document library, establishes a new standard of onboarding best practices that is intuitive for candidates, efficient for agencies, and smart for compliance.
Introducing Onboarding365
You need a smart solution engineered to meet client needs and deliver a winning candidate experience that doesn’t make your best candidates question their loyalty. Today, we’re launching Bullhorn Onboarding365 to establish a new standard for onboarding best practices.

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