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Pay & Bill Solutions with the same integrity as your brand 

Inaccurate paychecks or invoices are the fastest way to lose a client. We know how important reputation is for sustaining a healthy, long-term staffing business, and your ability to quickly and accurately process time for pay/bill is what lays the foundation for lasting, positive business relationships. Beyond that, calculating pay and bill is a process that often hinges on manual and time-consuming validation, repetitive reconciliation, and client-specific tweaks.  Bullhorn’s Pay & Bill functionality has been built from the ground up specifically for the intricacies of the staffing industry, and is designed for you to rely on it in the same way that your clients and candidates rely on you.

Enterprise Invoicing for Staffing Businesses

Growing staffing businesses are burdened with increasingly complex invoicing demands. Expansion into new clients, industries, and regions results in a unique mix of invoicing requirements that becomes difficult to automate effectively. Bullhorn offers invoicing solutions with templating and data grouping features that simplify the generation and delivery of invoices regardless of how many of your clients have their own unique invoicing needs.

    Visibility into Profitability


    Understanding the financial performance of a staffing business takes more than just a summary of your balance sheet. To truly assess the profitability of your business, you want to understand margins and profits on a more granular level. Bullhorn provides financial reporting tools that surface profitability data by each individual placement, allowing you to summarize your business performance by client, candidate source, recruiter, and business line. Empower your finance team with real-time visibility into the business that is driving your company forward, as well as the business that might be holding you back.

    Connectivity to Your Preferred Technologies

    Bullhorn’s Pay & Bill solution features flexible options for data connectivity to both your choice of general ledger software and your preferred payroll solution. Regardless of your company’s size and the complexity of your ledger, Bullhorn can streamline your data flow to the solutions that drive your accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll, and pull data back into Bullhorn for visibility into finance-driven metrics like true gross margin and invoice aging reports.

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      Unite Your Business

      Bullhorn One delivers best-in-class, cloud-based staffing software for your entire business, unifying business processes from across your complete recruiting lifecycle into a single, streamlined workflow. Our software is scalable and flexible to allow your business to deliver professional, reliable staffing services at any stage of growth, regardless of the unique demands and complexities of your clients and industries. Align the work of every department, individual, and role with Bullhorn One, to achieve profit, growth, and a seamless user experience for your clients and candidates.


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