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Bullhorn for Healthcare

Streamline operations and maximize candidate engagement with a staffing solution built for Healthcare, including Travel, Locum Tenens, Per Diem, and Allied.

Pricing is determined by the number of people that want access to the system, including salespeople, recruiters, and managers.

Applicant Tracking

Centralize the management of your candidates and contacts.
  • Candidate Management and Sourcing
  • Contact and Company Management
  • Job Management and Publishing
  • Credential Management
  • Email Integration, Tracking, and Mass Mailing
  • SMS Texting  Add-on
  • Resume Parsing
  • Career Portal
  • Standard Reporting

Healthcare Edition

Extend your solution with additional functionality and flexibility.
All features included in Applicant Tracking, plus:
  • Credential Management
  • Onboarding
  • Time and Expense
  • Invoicing
  • Shift-scheduling integration  Marketplace Add-on
  • VMS Integration  Add-on

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Back Office

Bullhorn Back Office is our suite of electronic back office solutions that helps staffing firms streamline manual, time-consuming activities and eliminate costly payroll errors. Back Office is priced by the number of Back Office users who need access to the system - usually administrators, managers, and approvers.


  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Time and Expense
  • Time and Expense Mobile
  • Invoicing
  • Commissions
  • True Cloud Software

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Bullhorn Canvas is an ad-hoc reporting tool that allows you to go beyond standard reporting and report on any given data point within the Bullhorn ATS/CRM. Canvas is priced as an annual subscription.


  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Complete access to Bullhorn data model
  • Advanced reporting objects and visualizations
  • Pre-built starter report package
  • Schedule reports to automatically send
  • Exporting capabilities (excel, csv, or pdf)
  • User-level permissions management

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Bullhorn Onboarding is an electronic document management system designed specifically for staffing firms in order to help eliminate manual data entry and deliver a great new hire experience. We price Onboarding by the number of candidates who are placed into new positions and "onboarded" (sent documents) through the system.


  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Support for Pre-Hire Documentation
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Document Storage
  • True Cloud Software
  • Integration with E-Verify
  • Branded Candidate Portal

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VMS Integration

Bullhorn VMS Access is a full-featured VMS integration and workflow solution that connects to any major Vendor Management System (VMS) and automatically updates and imports job records to your ATS. Pricing is determined by the number of requisitions pulled into your ATS from connected VMS platforms.


  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Automatic Job Adds
  • Requisition Filtering
  • Quick Alerts
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Business Rules

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Bullhorn Marketplace

Customers on any edition of Bullhorn can extend their solution using the Bullhorn Marketplace - the destination for business applications that are pre-integrated to work seamlessly with Bullhorn and enhance the platform’s capabilities. Each partner has developed a turnkey solution to fulfill a critical business need, allowing you to focus on your business instead of spending your time, money, and headaches on one-off integrations.

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