Client Approval

Login to Approve

We have options for everyone. Login approval is a quick, easy, paperless way to approve time through the web. There is no special software to install or support. Approvers simply log in and accept time electronically. With complete visibility, approvers can access the information needed to manage the approval process. Start and end times, meals and breaks, hours per day, hours by project or assignment, employee time cards, PTO, sick time, and expenses, can all be accessed via desktop.


No passwords or IDs. No hunting for a website. Get everything you need with the click of a button.


You can drill down and view hours per day, hours by project, and even the employee’s time card.


Automated notifications as well as reminders if an approval isn’t completed within a specific time.


Our products integrate with any system, and of course with all other Bullhorn Peoplenet solutions.

Simple Approval Drives Accurate Billing and Payroll

To keep the timekeeping process running efficiently, it takes the right tools for capturing time. But approving time must be efficient too. Bullhorn Peoplenet simplifies this step for you and your clients with multiple options, as well as visibility, automated reporting, notifications, and reminders across the entire system.

E-Mail Approval

Accessible on any device, and compatible with any e-mail server, E-Mail Approval provides ease of access. When an approver receives a notification via e-mail, they simply click on the link to access the Approval Interface.

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