The Console

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Bullhorn Peoplenet’s Workforce Management Console gives you full visibility into critical workflow in real time, enabling you to monitor and manage timekeeping processes from capture to approval and everything in between.


Role-based access. Customize who sees what based on their role.


We create a pay file that goes directly to the payroll office through a flat file in order to pay your employees on time.

Control and Visibility

We set up your team of operations to grant access to your on-sites, groups, branches, and more giving you complete control and visibility.


Our user-friendly interface will have you up and running in no time.

View Details. Run Reports. Sleep Tight.

Bullhorn Peoplenet’s Console is the central focal point of the system. It is the “brains of the operation” and is where most administrative users will spend their time. While time and expenses can be captured using many different tools, all data ends up in the Console so that users have visibility into every stage of the process and where it might be stalled. This is where a user will see break exceptions, run reports, identify supervisors who aren’t approving time, visibility into hours worked, amounts to be invoiced and tools to expedite the chasing of time sheets and approvals.

The System That Ties It All Together

The Console was developed after spending many days and nights inside payroll operations watching how users handled missing time cards, unapproved time cards, expenses without receipts and much more. It was designed to give visibility to the items that need attention so that the user can focus their attention on these items while letting the others flow through automatically.


We offer flexible labor tracking reports designed to provide critical business management data real-time from over 200 standard reports available in our Bullhorn Peoplenet Console. Available to run on-demand and/or scheduled via email, we provide our customers the information needed to manage their workforce and ensure accuracy and compliance.

VMS Integrations

Do you struggle when dealing with vendor management systems with your clients and/or MSP partners? No problem - let us integrate with your VMS to increase accuracy of records by automating the process of transferring time details to and from VMS tools. We have already worked with many of the top VMS tools and are happy to add yours next.

Staffing Software Integrations

We have partnered with many of the top front office software companies to give you vastly improved visibility into the errors that prevent assignments from loading as expected. With our integration services, you can send new records in real time and make updates throughout the day.

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