VMS Integration

Increase service levels, win more business, and improve productivity

Bullhorn offers the only closed-loop VMS integration available to staffing firms. Built for firms of all sizes, it automates VMS workflows, empowering firms to fill job openings at over 350 of the world’s largest companies.


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VMS Sync: Now with enhanced candidate submittal functionality

VMS to ATS Automation

The only closed-loop VMS integration for staffing firms

With 70% of large buyers of temporary labor using vendor management systems to manage their contingent workforce, it's essential to have a dedicated VMS strategy.

Bullhorn provides a simple way for staffing firms to integrate and automate the entire VMS workflow:

  • Automate business processes. Reduce time spent on manual, zero-value-added tasks and focus on building strategic relationships with customers and clients.
  • Increase data integrity. Ensure the accuracy of your data so your team can better understand the business and make more effective, accurate decisions.
  • Submit and fill jobs faster. With an automated VMS process, not only can you improve the accuracy of your data, but you can also increase the efficiency and speed of your team.

Solve VMS Inefficiencies in Two Steps

Jobs In

Automatically load jobs directly into the Bullhorn ATS.

As jobs enter Bullhorn, the right recruiters are notified so that they can start working on each order immediately.

Recruiters can submit and fill faster than the competition, improving your customer relationships and your bottom line.

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Candidates Out

Automatically send all your candidate data back to your VMS.

Fields are automatically filled and resumes are uploaded in the background.

All status updates are also seamlessly synced between your VMS and ATS, giving you full visibility into where your candidate submissions stand.  


"We already utilize and see the value of Bullhorn VMS Sync in increasing our speed to service in the VMS business. The VMS submittals functionality has taken that speed and put it into hyperdrive, and it also allows our staff to spend more time nurturing candidate and client experiences. Shifting the time and focus from data entry to relationship building and delivery of great service is what will set us apart in this crowded market space"

Jennifer Shorr

The Jacobson Group

VMS Integrations

Connections with virtually every vendor management system

vendor management system integrations

You work with many different companies, each of which has chosen the VMS that best suits its needs.

Bullhorn helps to support your needs by integrating your ATS with virtually every VMS solution, including Fieldglass, Beeline, IQ Navigator, and 40 others (and counting).

Full Visibility and Accurate Reporting

Automatic Data Syncing

Forget Copy and Paste

Bullhorn's direct integration between your VMS and ATS eliminates duplicate data entry. Your team can stop copying and pasting requisitions and candidates, and spend that newfound time building relationships.

Publish status changes automatically in the ATS when requisitions and candidate statuses are changed in VMS. That means recruiters won't waste time working job orders that can no longer be filled.

Analytics and Reporting

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Full Visibility into Job Flow and Hiring Activity

Because jobs and candidates are entered into the system automatically, you can be confident that you have full visibility into the opportunity and activity for each client. Constantly updated statuses allow you to rely on your ATS data.

Bullhorn's VMS integration provides you with real-time insight into activity so that you can determine which requisitions are generating the greatest ROI, identify new revenue streams, and fill jobs faster by elevating the speed at which you respond to new orders and submit candidates.

VMS Integrations

Decrease processing time from hours to seconds

Get recruiters, account managers, and admins back to the critical work of placing talent, supporting clients, and driving revenue while Bullhorn does the rest.

Bullhorn's VMS integration connects your ATS to more than 40 leading vendor management systems. Pricing varies based on the volume of job orders processed. Contact us to learn about which option is best for you.

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