The Seven Deadly Sales Sins

Most great salespeople have great instincts. But intuition alone doesn't make a great salesperson. Great instincts or not, every sales manager and salesperson has watched a deal go sideways or outright disappear.

How does this happen? Salespeople can get blindsided by false positives during the sales process, leading to overconfidence and inaccurate forecasts. And once inaccurate forecasting leaks into your business, it's not just the sales team that suffers.

We've interviewed 7 top sales leaders about the attributes they look for in a deal and the false positive traps that can trip up unsuspecting sales teams. Read The Seven Deadly Sales Sins for key insights, including:

  • ClearSlide VP of Sales Joe Lemay's thoughts on sales instincts
  • Active Network VP of Sales Josie Donnelly's views on targeted value propositions
  • AdRoll B2B Sales Director Ben Earle's checklist for closing deals

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