7 Steps for Turning New Sales Hires into Productive Powerhouses

Transforming New Sales Hires to Be Quota-Busting Superstars

You cannot make someone with zero sales experience an all-star overnight. He or she may have more innate ability than anyone who has ever walked the Earth, but without the right combination of training, knowledge, and guidance from you, the person won’t generate revenue.  So what does it take to turn an inexperienced new sales hire into a quota-busting superstar?

Bullhorn spoke to Dan Fisher, CEO of IT staffing sales consultancy Menemsha Group, for his expert advice on turning your new sales hires into productive powerhouses. In this whitepaper, Bullhorn and Menemsha Group will teach you how to:

  • Define your hiring profile
  • Define your sales process
  • Onboard new sales hires before they start
  • Train your new sales hires and set proper goals
  • Manage change and make new lessons stick

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