At Engage Boston 2022, we gathered together to hear insights from staffing leaders, hold thoughtful discussions with industry experts, see exciting breakthrough technology, and so much more.

Whether you joined us in person or are looking to explore the topics that we covered at the event, you’re in luck. Read on to gather the highlights from Engage, top takeaways from keynote sessions, and further explore resources that will help you to meet the moment!


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During Art’s keynote session, he spoke about the changing talent landscape, work from home, the importance of leveraging new staffing technologies to engage with modern candidates, and so much more.

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Create a single source of truth for and future-proof your business against threats and uncertainties.

Global Changemakers

We interviewed recruitment professionals from around the world to gain insight into how they introduced new technology to their businesses and the benefits of their efforts, from increasing productivity to improving talent and client relationships.

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ATS Buyer’s Guide

94% of staffing professionals say using an applicant tracking system (ATS) has positively impacted their business. Are you ready to invest in the future of your staffing firm? Learn how to choose the best ATS for your business.

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Discover How Bullhorn Customers Digitize with Bullhorn One

Landrum HR, a full-service human capital firm, utilized Bullhorn One to create a single source of truth for their data management, improving accuracy and saving precious time.

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Jacobson Group, a leader in insurance staffing, needed a solution to support their rapidly growing VMS business. The flexibility of Bullhorn One and the Bullhorn Marketplace have fueled their future growth.

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Reduce manual processes and improve efficiency, enabling your team to spend more time building talent relationships and scale your business without adding headcount.

New Innovations – Automation Chatbot

We announced the addition of chatbot functionality to Bullhorn Automation. Chatbot allows staffing firms to expand their multichannel communication efforts, keeping talent engaged and speeding up the hiring process.

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Automation Buyer’s Guide

Manual tasks such as updating records and sending emails can take up hours of recruiters’ precious time. Automation enables your team to streamline repetitive tasks, improve candidate engagement, ans focus on the tasks that matter most. Here’s everything you need to know about evaluating and implementing automation technology.

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Reduce Acquisition Costs and Time-to-Fill with Bullhorn AI Matching

In this recent session, we explored how Bullhorn is revolutionizing search and match for recruiters with our AI Auto Match and Job Match features, built to automatically match candidates to jobs, improve talent engagement, decrease talent acquisition costs, and more.

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Give candidates control of their work-life with a self-service mobile experience that keeps them engaged and invested. Put their future in their hands.

New Innovations – Bullhorn Talent Platform

We announced the launch of the all-new Bullhorn Talent Platform, which empowers the modern candidate to take control of their work life. Powered by automation and AI, Bullhorn Talent Platform provides a high-touch, high-tech experience that builds loyalty, drives redeployment, and lowers the cost of service by taking the busywork away from your recruiters.

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Webinar: Introducing Connected Recruiting

In the competitive talent landscape, it’s more important than ever to elevate the talent experience and engage candidates at every stage of the talent lifecycle.

On June 22, join us to hear from Connected Recruiting experts and Bullhorn Marketplace partners Daxtra, Kyloe, Haley Marketing, and Staffing Future. We’ll cover what Connected Recruiting is all about and the technology and engagement strategies that will help you succeed!

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How to Reach Out to Talent (On Their Own Terms)

Looking to step up your talent experience? Communication is everything. Here are some top findings from our recent survey of 2,000 workers of all types to help you provide an incredible talent experience that exceeds expectations.

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Explore the Connected Recruiting Strategy

Connected Recruiting is a methodology that empowers staffing firms to engage talent at every stage of the talent lifecycle. By leveraging the right technology and connected recruiting best practices, staffing firms can ensure an incredible experience for their talent, create an ever-growing and consistently engaged talent pool, and lower their cost of talent acquisition.

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Bullhorn Talent Survey Findings

Amidst the talent shortage, the competition to attract and engage candidates has never been greater. What does it take to win candidates and provide an incredible experience in the current landscape?

We surveyed 2,000+ perm, freelance, and temp workers about their views on staffing firms, the current job market, and what they need from staffing agencies to ensure a positive experience.

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Toolkit: Resources to Help You Attract and Engage Candidates

But what does it take to have a successful talent engagement strategy? Do you have the necessary tools and knowledge to attract and engage candidates?

This resource contains practical information and actionable techniques to help you win over more candidates more often.

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Drive highly scalable growth with tools that make powerful, easy-to-understand, real-time reporting and actionable insights accessible to users at every level in your staffing agency.

Make Better Decisions with Real-Time Reporting

From sourcing to placing to paying, you need reporting that is accurate and up-to-date to make the best decisions for your business growth. See how Bullhorn’s reporting solutions enable you to quickly glean knowledge into various areas of your business.

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How to Create a World-Class Data Culture in Your Recruitment Agency

A strong data culture is the foundation for the intelligent use of insights in any business, including in a recruitment agency. By not only providing your team with the right insights but explaining how this information will allow them to be more successful, we can transform adding data into Bullhorn from an administrative task to a revenue-generating strategy

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Real-Time Analytics for Growing Recruitment Agencies

In this new digital age, data is everywhere and organizations around the globe are making strides towards digital transformation. In this session, we learned how analytics can help you make more informed business decisions, maximize your margins, make placements faster, and improve the value that you’re bringing to your clients.

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