Closing the Skills Gap
Starts With You

For the first time in modern history, the supply of available human labor is lower than global demand for that labor, resulting in a talent shortage.

How can the recruitment industry find candidates with the skills necessary to fill these open jobs, many of which are STEM-related? The answer is a paradigm shift - take candidates with the aptitude to change, and invest in education to outfit them with the skills required of the jobs of the future.

This concept is called "reskilling," and it will be fundamentally crucial for the recruitment industry's growth trajectory.

At Bullhorn, we are committed to supporting the staffing industry’s efforts to reskill candidates.

We will be announcing a global reskilling hub, complete with resources to leverage in your reskilling efforts, in February of 2019. In the meantime, as you devise an initial strategy, here are four steps that may be helpful:

Assess Your Open Reqs

What percentage of jobs involve the same skill sets, and what trends can you identify as far as popularity of emerging skills and competencies? 



Create an "Aptitude Translation" Chart

Leverage your recruitment expertise to map the skills keywords that characterize available candidates from your ATS to jobs for which they may one day be relevant, if given proper training. Is a candidate returning from active military duty? He or she may have innate leadership ability, logistical insight, or sales aptitude.

Consider Hidden Talent Pools

Returning mothers, service members, and candidates with special needs are phenomenal sources of talent and they have been traditionally overlooked.   


Invest in Your Talent

Reskilling hinges on making an investment in educating the candidates with which you work to ensure that they can be effective in new roles. As their guide and partner, you have the power to show them that they have the capacity for change, and that your clients should trust their pure aptitude to tackle new challenges.



For Step 4, below are some amazing reskilling education resources to help you test the waters.

Addressing the global talent shortage begins with all of us. We'd love to hear about any reskilling plans your firm has in place! Please reach out to start the conversation.


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