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A Unified System to Help Your Sales Team Create and Nurture More Profitable Relationships

For today’s sales teams, managing customer relationships with the most timely customer information is critical, and given how busy most sales professionals are, it’s imperative to have tools that are user-friendly and easy to adopt. It’s all too common to waste time and resources searching for customer information in disconnected systems. Unified tools that offer your teams access to information across the organization provide insight that helps guide successful sales engagements and increases customer value.

Bullhorn CRM has changed the game for sales organizations with a cloud-based CRM solution aligned with how users work and designed with a modern look and feel, similar to consumer applications like Google and Facebook. Your team can accomplish tasks in less time than ever before, with fewer clicks and less data entry.


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Bullhorn’s patent-pending relationship tracking technology intelligently centralizes multiple prospect communication streams so sales can readily capture new opportunities and accelerate customer wins, helping to streamline your entire sales process.Sales_Icon_V1

Most B2B companies in service-oriented businesses thrive on repeat client business. In the staffing and recruiting industry, for instance, you know that obtaining that first job order is only half the battle; nurturing and maintaining relationships is critical to success. However, recruiting agency client relationships can be difficult to manage, with a high number of touch-points and significant expectations for delivery and support.

Most CRM systems today are transaction-oriented and do not provide the tools to successfully manage relationships over time.

With Bullhorn CRM, every customer touch-point becomes an opportunity to connect and strengthen your existing and future relationships. Your entire organization can collaborate and gain visibility into the most accurate customer information. This connectivity empowers your organization to engage intelligently and consistently with customers, creating lasting relationships. Built-in dashboards and reporting extend the solution even further – allowing your sales and delivery teams to anticipate and forecast customer needs and uncover new opportunities at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Bullhorn CRM provides the ease-of-use today’s organizations require to achieve their business growth objectives.  Your team can engage with clients and nurture complex B2B relationships. Bullhorn delivers its CRM platform through any mobile device or tablet, allowing users to manage customer relationships anywhere, at any time. It provides a proven solution that delivers the scalability, security, and reliability that your organization needs for success.

Bullhorn has provided us with a formalized system that’s led to growth. It provides a higher level of visibility, and the user activity reports allow us to hold people more accountable.
Wendy Kennah Director of Recruiting – Procom

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