Recent Release 

Release Date: 29 March, 2019

Release Name: BH4F - 1.0

Status: Released | Type: Major


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Release Date
Release Name
24 Sep 2018 TR-Node-V7.0 Released Major Fixed a specific issue where interviewees were not receiving email messages.
31 Aug 2018 TR-Node-V6.0 Released Major
11 May 2018 1.42 Released Major Invoicing Package Upgrades

  • Ability to customize Invoice Link URL through custom setting.
  • Ability to customize Total Amount for Closing Report via InvocingUtility Metadata similar to Timesheet and Expense Report
  • Ability to have multiple Email in Invoice BCC field from Billing Profile
27 Apr 2018 3.333 Released Major Consent Tool

Talent Rover by Bullhorn’s Consent Tool provides several mechanisms to assist in gaining and maintaining consent to hold candidates information on Talent Rover per the new GDPR legislation. The Consent Tool is designed to be a part of client's compliance narrative.

  • Provide tools to gain consent, via email template and forms.
  • Provide ability to have multiple types of consent
  • Track the origin of the data collected.
  • Track the consent request
  • Track the time and date the data was collected.
  • Track that consent was given; when and how it was given.
  • Track which candidates decline to give consent.
  • Provide reports and dashboards to help with data optimization and minimization where necessary

Consent Tool Resources

New Call Lists Actions

  • Recruiters now have the ability to Quick Fill from Call Lists: the to create closing reports.
  • Recruiters are able to apply candidates to jobs from Call Lists.



  • Expense rates enhancements to ensure expense rate is not reparented when another expense report is created for the same closing report.


Expense Reports

  • The following Rollup Summary Fields have been added to expense reports, based on Expense Line Items
    • Total Reimbursable Amount
    • Total Expense Amount



  • Create Shiftwork Button Upgrades: Ability to use Time Type Entry Method of Units, as well as, Days.



  • Introduced a new workflow for having more than 10k contacts on an account. If the max is reached, accounts are automatically created.
2 Mar 2018 1.37 Released Major Invoicing Package Enhancements

  • Ability to create multiple Cover page templates using “Business Units”
  • Includes the ability to add custom fieldsets, business addresses, EIN and logos to support clients who have multiple business entities and need to reflect that on their invoices.
  • Ability to include more than 1 cc email address on the Billing Profile & have that carry over to the Invoice.
  • Files associated to Expense Reports & Timesheets are now able to be sent alongside the invoice in an easy to use & download URL.
  • Limitation: PDF & JPEGs are the formats allowed that will ensure ability to view all & download all successfully.
  • Ability to include a sales tax at the Billing Profile & have that carry over & calculate on the Invoice amount.
  • Includes ability to designate whether or not the sales tax should apply to Expense Reports or not.
26 Feb 2018 3.311 Released Major General Package Enhancements

  • Intermittent issue displaying 'Submit with Email' page in Lightning has been resolved
  • Intermittent issue with format of .docx files sent using 'Submit with Email' functionality has been resolved
  • Updating Mileage Rate field on Time Type to allow for 3 decimal places
  • Ability to enter Units and Days into Shift Work, Miles and Dollars into Expense Line Items
  • Improvements made to the workflow to allow someone to create rates without using the Calculator: Automatically selects appropriate record type.
  • Allows user the ability to edit rates without using the calculator.
3 Feb 2018 3.306 Released Major General Package Enhancements

  • Updated Template Folder visibility settings for 'Quick Submit' in ATS / Search&Match
  • Updated Submittal Email Template to remove hard-coded text which was being populated in Lightning
  • Added new custom setting added to allow update of certain fields during parsing of updated CV/ Resume

Rates Enhancements

  • Added ability to add new custom fees in Rates Calculator to allow automatic copying during rates copying process.
  • Updated functionality for selecting existing rates so that Record Types are not changed if they are copied.
  • Added ability to Clear and Re-calculate Rates on Creation, note this is not on the Edit screen.
  • Added a new warning so that if you’re going to edit an already created Rate, it highlights that you might be changing it & can cancel if you want. This prevents users from accidentally editing a rate that is already in use.
  • Added functionality for Per Diem Rate calculator on Expense Reports.
  • Added functionality for Mileage Rate calculator on Expense Reports.
  • Updated functionality so that Account and Consultant are auto-populated on Expense Report when created it is created from a Closing Report
  • Rates Enhancement: Only "Active" rates are now copied from Closing Report to Timesheet
25 Jan 2018 2.9002 Released Patch Scheduler Package Enhancements

  • The number of maximum candidate availability records per candidate has been increased to 1460
  • The sub-status field of the closing report availability is not maintained when switching between single and bulk entry
22 Jan 2018 3.295 Released Major General Package Enhancements: Various enhancements related to the naming of objects and error code handling

  • Updated wording of workflow error message in ATS.
  • Updated "Auto Follow Job on Chatter" functionality to avoid possible problems caused by duplicate records and user subscriptions limits.
  • Renamed existing field to "Work Eligibility"
  • Additional highlighting added to Daxtra Search.
  • Updated settings for Job Banner images so they can be referenced in formulas.
14 Dec 2017 3.294 Released Major General Package Enhancements

  • Mass Placement: Users can now create closing reports in bulk, moving up to 500 candidates at a time from Longlist to Closing Report, using new “Mass Place Candidates” button. Button available on the Job records Longlist Related List and Longlist list view tab.
  •  Longlists: Additional “Add to Longlist” action buttons added to Contact List View and Call List Members.
  • Contact Record: Two field options have been added to the package to capture how far a candidate is willing to travel for a new job. Distance Willing to Travel Kilometers. Distance Willing to Travel Miles
  • Resume Manager: Formatting resume path resolved to eliminate error message.
  • Expense Reports: Mass Approval enabled for Expense Reports. Expenses Approver now auto-populates upon creation.
  • Timesheet: Unique week ending dates available, based on Billing Profiles or Closing Reports.
  • Rates: Enhancement to include expenses and various fees rates.
  • Addition of fields for custom fees on Rates and Indicate if these fees are billable/non-billiable.
  •  Addition of rates related to expenses.
  • Indication if an expense if billable, reimbursable and affect GP.
  • Ability to create an All Inclusive Rate, which will adjust as expenses are logged.


Search & Match Enhancements

  • “Export All Results” action button added to download Candidate Details from Search & Match result list to a .csv spreadsheet for export.
    • Note: Columns in the spreadsheet are determined by field set in Candidate Workspace Details.
  • Advanced Filter: Now allows user to enter value with decimal points in Currency fields.
  • Add to LongList action button can now apply to all results, without having to select each page of results.
  • Mass Place: “Place All Candidates” action button added to bulk create closing reports.


ATS Enhancements

  • When utilizing the Quick Add Candidate; email and account visibility no longer dependent on recent edit/view of the contact record and will display regardless.
  • Application can now be saved even if there are no date fields.
11 Dec 2017 Invoicing 1.29 Released Major
  • When using the Rates Model, you can now view a list of Shift Work records as opposed to Timesheet Detail. This allows for the ability to include rates & time capture.
  • Limitation to the Invoice creation increased to 900 line items via a new batch process.
  • Ability to limit your invoice to only the cover page & not generate timesheet detail pages.
  • Limitations: When you invoice using email or print, the status appears to not have updated, but when you refresh it, you see that it was.
17 Nov 2017 3.291 Released Major Search&Match Enhancements 

  • Keyword highlighting now considers exact phrases [Limitation: ignored if followed by line breaks]
  • Emails can now be sent directly from Candidate Workspace [Note: this counts against Salesforce's Daily Email Limit]
  • The ‘View Contact’ button within the Candidate Workspace now opens in a separate tab in Lightning
  • When a new Resume is uploaded in Candidate Workspace user is now no longer redirected to the Contact record
  • ‘Text’ type email templates now retain their formatting when utilized in Quick Submit from Candidate Workspace
  • Unresponsive hyperlinks under Activity sub-tab in Candidate Workspace have been removed
  • ‘Due Date’ was added as a calendar pop-up when logging activities under the Collaboration sub-tab in Candidate Workspace
  • Shortlist/ Application records are now created in the background when a Candidate is submitted to a Job using ‘Quick Submit’ in Candidate Workspace
  • Old terminology 'Opportunity Discussed' has been replaced by 'Longlist ' in confirmation message shown in Search&Match results page when candidates are added to Longlist
  • Duplicate check has been added when creating Longlist records from Search&Match results page
  • The ‘Applicants’ field within Quick Submit was updated so that names display in full
  • Under ‘External Source Administration’ tab, the phrase 'Job Board' was replaced with ‘External Source’
  • Two buttons 'Email Potentials' and 'Delete Potentials’ were added to the ‘Potentials’ tab under search results
  • A custom setting was added which can allow Salesforce tabs to be visible in Search&Match result page if desired
  • User Interface has been updated so that currency fields now display full amount with currency
  • When accessed within Lightning, both ‘Quick Submit’ and ‘Share’ links now also open in a Lightning URL

ATS Enhancements

  • The 'Stage' column header/ chevron has been updated so that it now ‘floats’ when scrolling within ATS
  • A graphic issue on cards within ATS which was dependent on 'Social Media' setting being enabled at org level has been fixed
  • If a candidate is at SendOut/ Interview stage and is then ‘moved back’, any associated open activities are now deleted
  • Cards count in the swimlane header now reflects the view filter (for example when only Active or Rejected are selected)
  • 'Move Back' button has been removed from Shortlist/ Application cards (‘Move Back’ not possible at Shortlist/ Application stage)
  • Added an error message if Email is sent with no subject
  • Updated Candidate Finder (left hand module), so that candidates already applied are shown at the bottom even after new sorting order is applied
  • Updated appearance of swimlane if no records are available
  • Added option to add filters to Closing Report LookUp fields
  • Interview/ SendOut Schedule records created now honor the locale of the logged in user
  • 'Change Filter' link added to places where User is asked to select a Job, which gives option to select any Jobs list view as search criteria
  • Error message was added under Quick Apply which will show if Candidate is already added to job
  • Job ID is now retained when using ATS button (Job Record) in Lightning
  • If Candidate is moved from Longlist or Job Board Application to any swimlane in ATS, the status field of the record is now updated to 'Converted'
  • Attachment Preview has now been enabled when emailing a SendOut/ Interview Schedule in ATS [Limitation: only for files stored in TR]

General Package Enhancements:

  • Under Resume Manager 5, updated how the 'To' field is populated when ‘Share’ functionality is used, in order to improve population time and avoid lag in Orgs with very high volume of Contacts to query
  • Updated Sendout/ Interview Schedule deletion logic so that it looks at both the date and time a candidate is rejected from a job, and then deletes any future Sendout/ Interview Schedules based on both the date and time
  • The ‘Preview’ link for attached resume in Standard Call List Emails was removed
  • On Call Lists, you can now click ‘Full View’ on Salesforce attachments for all record types
  • In Daxtra Search tab, the ‘View Resume’ icon is now working for both PDFs and .doc files
  • Added a custom setting to allow reparenting of master detail records
  • Updated settings for tracking the external candidate ID
  • Added Timetypes and Rates objects added to store multiple rates per Timesheet, Closing Report, Job, and Account
  • Added new user interface for Timesheet Detail entry to be used with new Timetypes and Rates objects
7 Aug 2017 3.275 Released Major
  • New Custom Setting to prevent default attachments to emails sent from Candidate Marketed Call List
  • Search and Match Enhancements:
    • Intercom removed from UI
    • Dates now display correctly in the users locale
    • Exit Search and Match button has become redundant and is removed from Lightning
    • Removed an instance where the clear button would not remove job board selections
    • Special characters now display correctly in Advanced Filters dropdowns
    • Addressed an issue with area dropdown containing incorrect values
    • Added the option to select record type when creating a call list from Search and Match
    • Limit removed when displaying long picklists in Advanced Searches.
    • Alignement between Submittal process from Search & Match Quick Submit and Job Manager
    • Redundant Equal/Not Equal operators removed from Dependent Picklists filters
9 Jun 2017 3.269 Released Major
  • Search & Match Radius Search now supports kilometers
  • Job Manager - View Resume link re-directs to RM5 URL
  • Check added to ensure only ISO Country Code is sent to Daxtra database when Salesforce Country & State Picklist is enabled
2 Jun 2017 3.268 Released Major
  • Added lightning app - Front Office
  • Search & Match's Quick Submit now only displays jobs that are not closed
  • Enhanced handling of special characters to Search & Match
  • Search & Match's 'Add to Application and 'Add to Potential'  show only Open Jobs
  • Filter added to Search & Match during job selection that allows to filter criteria (Similar to  List Views)
  • Help Text bubble added to Search & Match Page that can be translated
  • Custom Mapping from parsed resumes into standard and custom fields
  • Search & Match date field format is aligned with logged-in user locale
  • Search & Match - Match functionality prepopulated after an edited search
23 Mar 2017 3.261 Released Major
  • Added the option to save a Job Name without automatically appending the Account Name ("Do Not Append Account to Job Name")
  • Corrected ATS workflow defaults so that candidates move properly between job stages
  • Duplicate detection is now case sensitive to avoid detecting false duplicates on the 15-digit Contact Record IDs
  • A Candidate not associated to an Offer created in Hiring Flow no longer has a blank value
  • Job Manager > New Application: 'Save' button now disabled after first click to avoid creating duplicates
  • TR1__Fee_Percentage__c now displays 2 decimal places
  • Corrected ISO country code for Switzerland
22 Feb 2017 3.259 Released Major
  • Some fonts were causing resumes to be displayed with incorrect characters. This has been resolved.
  • Match button on the job record no longer uses location, function, and primary background as search criteria. This is configurable via ‘PrefillDataFieldSet’ on the job object.
  • Special characters are now allowed in picklists used for Search & Match.
  • The order of advanced search fields will no longer be overwritten in Search & Match
  • Resume highlighting ignores 'OR' operators when they are part of the search criteria (ex. Director)
2 Feb 2017 3.258 Released Major
  • Search & Match saved searches are now user specific instead of org-wide.
  • Call list member field is now editable.
  • Resumes can be downloaded directly from Contact Documents.
  • Zip code mapping can be disabled via the custom setting 'Disable Zipcode Mapping'.
5 Jan 2017 3.251 Released Major
  • Search & Match can now use private and global credentials for external job boards.
  • Activity Timeline sorted in descending order in Search & Match.
  • Ability to enable Salesforce State and Country picklist.