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Why Does Your Firm Need Comprehensive Staffing Software?


Are you wasting time and money on inefficiencies caused by sileod staffing software solutions? In order to work effectively in today’s hyper-competitive staffing landscape, firms need to use optimized processes all the way through the recruiting lifecycle. To achieve this, staffing firms need software that can support them from the front office to the back office.

The best staffing software offers a robust, integrated structure with an ease of use that can streamline the entire recruiting lifecycle.

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Key Differentiators of the Best Staffing Software

True Cloud Architecture

Your staffing software should provide your firm with not only a platform that remains state-of-the-art through consistent updates, but also the kind of individual attention you might expect to make sure your firm’s specialized needs are met at all times.

Having a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows your firm the flexibility to access their staffing solution on the internet with a login and password. Cloud recruitment software solutions average 25 times less downtime per year than on-premise solutions so that you don’t have to worry about your software failing and can focus on what matters most, growing your business.

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Accessibility and Mobility

Recruiters are always on the move and can’t waste time with clunky, complicated and inaccessible staffing software. The best staffing solution supports mobile recruiting, is radically easy to use, and works the way recruiters already work every day. With a modern, intuitive staffing software, your firm can make more placements while your software does the rest.

API Access

With the right connectivity built into a staffing software, your company can add any custom functionality it needs to the base system. With open APIs (application programming interfaces), the tools and protocols that provide the building blocks for developing software applications, the best staffing software can build and
extend its software to grow as technology grows and improves.


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Learn More About Bullhorn’s Staffing Software

Bullhorn has the product suite, infrastructure, and expertise to help your recruiting firm grow by optimizing your business processes and generating revenue. The full Bullhorn product lineup – including
Bullhorn’s mobile-optimized Applicant Tracking System, Sales CRM, VMS Access, Onboarding, Back Office, and the Bullhorn Marketplace – will help take your business to the next level.

Bullhorn’s staffing software can help your firm increase retention, expand relationships, optimize sales processes, and maximize revenue.

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