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Technology is one of the most prominent components of today’s connected world. Because of this, companies must strive to keep up with tech updates in all areas of business, especially those involving clients. We live in a mobile environment in which a potential or current client can contact a sales professional at any point, making access to each account’s data more crucial than ever. A mobile CRM, accessible anywhere at any time, provides the tools to help you close deals and achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

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The ability to access, update, and utilize mobile CRM customer data throughout a hectic business day enables users to better prepare for impromptu client meetings and improve their visibility into internal business teams. With these capabilities, there’s simply no need to remember every detail of a conversation.

With a mobile CRM, you have the flexibility to perform all necessary tasks with whatever device you happen to be using at the moment, whether it’s a computer, cell phone, or tablet. Sales professionals don’t have to wait to enter mass amounts of data into their CRM system when they finally make it back into the office – they can do this in real-time while interacting with clients or immediately following conversations.

Gone are the days of trying to keep track of multiple business cards collected at an industry event. Enter a contact’s information right into your CRM and even set a reminder for the following day to give that contact a call.

Bullhorn’s mobile ATS & CRM is compatible with Apple iOS (including iPhone and iPad) and Google Android touchscreen devices. Our mobile system adapts to your technological preferences to meet you in the environment in which you feel most comfortable.

Stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and explore how a mobile CRM can help you keep track of your deals, grow your business, and so much more.

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