International Recruitment Agency Finds Growth and Success with Bullhorn

Callidus was established in 2010 and is a hybrid executive search agency and consultancy specialising in pharmaceuticals and energy recruitment within German-speaking markets. Although it began as a 2-person recruitment agency, Callidus experienced exponential growth in a short amount of time and currently boasts over a dozen consultants who possess highly specialised and valuable industry knowledge. As a young and agile company, Callidus was searching for an ATS that matched its own speed and potential.

The Need for a Competitive Edge

In order to maintain its lead over the competition, Callidus required an applicant tracking system that was an asset rather than a liability. Callidus was originally using Meffert — the most popular recruitment software in Germany. However, Meffert’s limited functionality and lack of scalability proved to be a hindrance. “We decided to extend our search outside of Germany and German-speaking counties,” said Ron-Arne Sydow, Managing Director at Callidus. “We were looking for one of the bigger players. Meffert had 2-3 developers and limited manpower — its support was very unpredictable.”

Callidus searched for an ATS/CRM with a solid technology base, one with global reach and size. Additionally, the software needed to offer scalability. “Meffert worked well for 3 or 4 users, not 30 or 40, and our ideal solution would need to work in 5 years’ time and accommodate our growth,” remarked Sydow. Callidus also wanted recruitment software that incorporated cutting-edge technology, preferably a cloud-based solution that would enable seamless, automatic upgrades. After considering a shortlist of solutions and seeing various demos, Callidus ultimately selected Bullhorn.

True Efficiency and Speed through Technology

Bullhorn provided an ATS that was easy to implement and allowed the team at Callidus to focus on staying ahead of the recruitment game rather than performing software installation, data entry, and maintenance. “Bullhorn offers us the ability to do our jobs without any hassle. We always know exactly what we’re doing in the system. We have visibility into our recruitment processes and can identify areas for improvement.” commented Sydow. In addition, Bullhorn’s APIs (application programming interface) enable Callidus to customise the product to fit their needs. “With our old software, we had to adapt our work around it, but Bullhorn lets us work the way we want to and we adapt Bullhorn to meet our needs,” commented Sydow. “It’s a huge benefit.”

Bullhorn’s Marketplace offers a wealth of innovative turnkey solutions, several of which Callidus use in order to address specific business needs and gain a competitive advantage. “We love InsightSquared, and we love the fact that partners work so seamlessly with Bullhorn,” Sydow stated. “Bullhorn does all the background work for you.”

With the Bullhorn ATS, Callidus recruiters can easily access placement metrics and track success. Additionally, Bullhorn’s reliability and responsiveness empowers Callidus to leave its competitors in the dust with lightning-fast speed. “Google goes offline more often than Bullhorn does,” Sydow said. “Bullhorn is fast, especially considering that it is Web-based. We were very surprised by its speed.”

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