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Elite Assistants Launches Operations with Market-Leading Recruitment CRM Provider Bullhorn

Elite Assistants is the sister company of the Executive Assistant Network, a leading Australian membership group for executive and personal assistants. Servicing this sector for over 10 years, the Executive Assistant Network found an overwhelming demand from its members for a dedicated recruitment entity, and thus Elite Assistants was born. Created purely for the benefit of its members and recruitment agencies that operate within the industry, Elite Assistants is the only job board dedicated to placing executive and personal assistants in Australia.

Elite Assistants has been able to leverage a vast existing network to generate impressive demand despite its relatively recent launch. The company currently operates a popular and free posting function for both employers and recruitment agencies alike. Prior to launch, Elite Assistants undertook broad research and analysis to find the right technology platform for its unique operation. General Manager Justin Pettie believed that in order to challenge the status quo of the traditional recruitment model, Elite Assistants required a moldable software platform focused on communication above all else. Bullhorn was the obvious choice.


Elite Assistants approached establishing its business with the utmost attention placed upon building a sustainable foundation. Even having done its due diligence in terms of research, finding a recruitment CRM provider that could integrate seamlessly with a multi-posting job platform and handle high volumes of candidate data proved to be a real challenge. Furthermore, the software would need to be intuitive and responsive to help Elite Assistants to deliver on its customer service goals. Fortunately, the market-leading recruitment CRM provider, Bullhorn, and its integration with its Marketplace Partners provided the perfect tailored solution. Justin noted, “Having had many organisations present to us, we had a real challenge finding a solution that was both customisable and robust enough to handle our workflow requirements. That is, until we found Bullhorn.”


Combining Bullhorn with its Marketplace Partners such as Broadbean has proven to be the ideal solution to suit Elite Assistants’ high volume and candidate-focused workflow. Bullhorn’s innate customisation was also key, allowing Elite Assistants to tailor its solution to its unique requirements. Bullhorn’s dedicated training allowed Justin and his team to get up and running in record time, critical for an ambitious new business. Additionally, 24-hour support 7 days a week, combined with a commitment to long-term development, has given Elite Assistants peace of mind, knowing that Bullhorn will continue to provide unparalleled support and grow with Elite Assistants into the future. Speaking on Bullhorn’s support and service, Justin said, “Not only is the product exactly what we wanted, but the people at Bullhorn have been first class, be it the training with a fully qualified trainer who has recruitment experience or the fantastic technical support that is on hand 24/7. Bullhorn delivers on its promises and we’re delighted to have made the choice to partner with such a customer-focused organisation.”


Since implementation, Elite Assistants has been able to consolidate all functions of its workflow into one intuitive and hyper-efficient system. Manual data entry has been slashed by 50% and Bullhorn has allowed Elite Assistants to operate a paperless office. Communications to clients and customers have improved through the Bullhorn’s integration with its Marketplace Partners. Finally, General Manager Justin Pettie believes that the visibility and control of operations he now has would not be possible without Bullhorn. He comments, “Bullhorn allows me more time to be at the forefront of the business in terms of bringing in revenue. It’s been invaluable for organisational dexterity and process control.”


Elite Assistants has set some very ambitious goals for the foreseeable future. With the intention to open 10 offices by as early as 2017, using the right platform to communicate across these bases is critical. Bullhorn has the capacity to coordinate communications across offices and provide a true cloud platform that will allow Elite Assistants to scale operations with efficiency, regardless of location. Building on its success, Elite Assistants is a future-driven business that understands the importance of investing in scalable solutions. Bullhorn, as Elite Assistants’ preferred provider, looks forward to servicing this need and anticipates a long and prosperous relationship.

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