FocusCore Grows Business and Expands Across Asia with Bullhorn

FocusCore is an executive recruitment agency focused on helping its clients stay focused on the “core” of their business. With offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Yangon, FocusCore has an intimate understanding of business practices within Asia, and its solutions are tailored to the unique market conditions of this region. FocusCore is also well-known for adopting a proactive, flexible, and accountable approach that’s firmly focused on results. To maintain this high expectation of service, the company needed a recruitment software solution that could be dependable, scalable, and customisable from inception. According to Managing Director Charlie Robinson, Bullhorn was the obvious choice to fulfill this need.


FocusCore was born through the vision of Managing Directors Charlie Robinson (Singapore) and David Sweet (Japan) to create an executive search firm focused on providing service excellence to its prestigious list of clients within Asia. Even from FocusCore’s humble beginnings as a one-man operation, Charlie knew that the company required a solution that would provide a scalable foundation. The winning solution would have to be scalable, cloud-based and data-secure. It would also need to have a focus on recruitment workflow and easy customisability. After considering several options, Charlie found that many solutions were either lacking functionality and stability or came with large upfront implementation costs. Bullhorn, however, didn’t have these shortcomings.


Bullhorn proved to be the ideal solution. With an established reputation as the market leader in cloud-based recruitment technology, Bullhorn provided FocusCore with the ideal foundation for future growth. Compared to other assessed solutions, Bullhorn was the most customisable, cost-effective, and feature-rich option. Finally, Bullhorn’s true cloud architecture was fundamental in organising and managing international offices during FocusCore’s rapid expansion into Hong Kong and Myanmar.


As a long-term user, Charlie can share a holistic timeline view of FocusCore’s adoption of Bullhorn. From an administration perspective, Bullhorn has continued to develop its software’s functionality over time, resulting in incrementally reduced manual data entry for Charlie and his team. This, combined with Bullhorn’s innate customisability, has given FocusCore a tailored solution that fits its unique workflow requirements. Bullhorn also provides the extended FocusCore team with granular insight into operations with complete transparency, allowing multiple offices to be streamlined and coordinated, regardless of location.

The Future

The future is bright for FocusCore as it looks to expand its offices across Asia. With Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and China in its sights, FocusCore aims to both grow operations and further develop its financial services arm. Charlie believes that Bullhorn’s customisability and increased focus on the Asia Pacific region will prove to be a valuable asset moving toward these goals, and he looks forward to a long-lasting relationship.

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