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Gemini Takes Control, Increases Sales, and Drives Growth with Bullhorn

Gemini People is a recruitment firm of over 60 staff that specialises in the worlds of Advertising, Creative, Digital, Fashion, and Marketing. The award-winning agency helps clients to find the best candidates across Advertising, Branding, Design, Packaging, Creative, Digital, Luxury Fashion & Retail, Marketing, Not for Profit, PR, and Tech. Among its clients Gemini People counts Havas Helia, Oliver Marketing, Tag Worldwide, Live & Breathe, GSK, and Louis Vuitton.


Gemini People launched in 2011 and its first two years were very successful. It was operating in a developing sector and had both an established funding line and entrepreneurial employees which enabled Gemini to achieve rapid growth in its field. But this caused problems for the business as it did not have the systems or technology in place to sustain this growth.

Michelle Watson, Managing Director of Gemini People explained: “In its first two years Gemini was a successful business, but the speed of its success started to cause problems. We didn’t have a CRM or applicant tracking system that was used universally across the business. This made it difficult for our staff to manage their client and candidate data. “We also needed a system that could handle data heavy CVs: the media and creative industries that we serve don’t have applicants with cookie cutter CVs – we needed to quickly and easily parse and store web links and data-heavy portfolios.”

By not managing the data available effectively, Gemini began to experience labour and delivery gaps which placed it at financial risk. The agency needed a system in place that would help its staff manage clients and support and sustain the rapid growth of the business.


When the management team began looking for a software solution they drew up a list of requirements. Gemini needed a solution that was mobile and accessible, cloud-based, user and portfolio friendly, customisable, and affordable. Watson continued: “We’d adopted the incumbent system from our parent company. We realised it wasn’t right for Gemini early on which helped us draw up a list of requirements for our new CRM. We wanted our software to be tailored to the uniqueness of our business.”
After undergoing demos with four other suppliers, it was Bullhorn’s true cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that ticked all the boxes. It came highly recommended by existing customers and could be specifically tailored to the needs of Gemini People. Gemini worked closely with Bullhorn’s UK support team prior to the ‘go live’ date and these specialists oversaw the agency’s seamless transition to their new CRM. The meticulous implementation process included IT support meetings, data mapping, system configurations, system testing, as well as user and admin training.


The benefits of Bullhorn’s software were soon noticeable across the business. Watson said: “After using Bullhorn for just a short time it became clear that it was the perfect solution to guide us through our period of fast growth. It’s great to be using software that we know is reliable and that will scale with the business and support our future as we increase our presence internationally.”

The new CRM enabled Gemini People to streamline its activity and vastly improve its client and candidate relationship management. Amongst other benefits, the information provided by the software enabled Gemini to improve its financial reporting and marketing, focusing on the activities that resulted in revenue. The ability to manage their client and candidate data effectively enabled Gemini to make accurate forecasts that soon minimised their financial risk. “The benefits of using Bullhorn’s software were immediate. We were finally in control of our accounts and had a system in place that provided us with the visibility into the business that would help us to manage our growth going forward”, said Watson.

The staff at Gemini also began to notice an improvement in their performance. Just 18 months after the installation of Bullhorn’s CRM, average performance across the business increased threefold. The company registered a £7.9 million turnover in 2014 and increased its headcount from 35 to 61. After the introduction of Bullhorn, Gemini, which recently placed 8th in the 2015 Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For, also registered reduced staff attrition rate and found it easier to attract new talent. Watson commented: “We invested in Bullhorn for our staff – it makes their jobs easier and ultimately enables them to make more money by placing more candidates, faster. I can honestly say if the CRM you are considering isn’t a true cloud solution – don’t bother.”


With plans to expand internationally, Watson concluded: “It’s such a relief to have a CRM in place that we know is scalable and cost effective. Bullhorn is crucial to our future expansion.”

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