Mom Corps

National Recruitment Firm Reduces IT Costs and Increases Data Accuracy Using Bullhorn

With an annual growth over 100 percent, Mom Corps provides companies with direct access to a previously untapped market of exceptional talent— finding employment for mothers who wish to get back into the workplace. Mom Corps’ previous software solution required too many steps for candidates and clients to use effectively; it wasn’t fully integrated and it required additional recruitment software solutions.

Mom Corps chose Bullhorn because of its comprehensive integration with all aspects of sourcing and placing candidates and managing a client relationship—from generating a job order to billing. Since many of Mom Corps professionals work virtually, Bullhorn’s On Demand, Web-based solution—available anytime and anyplace with True Cloud technology—was another critical factor. Mom Corps also liked Bullhorn’s best-of-breed integrated back office strategy.



  • Mom Corps wanted to find a fully integrated solution to ensure that all sales and recruiting staff could share the same information.
  • The new solution needed to be able to easily support their virtual employees.
  • They wanted to avoid dealing with software upgrades and IT infrastructure.
  • Mom Corps was happy with their back office software and needed to find a solution that would integrate well with it.


  • Bullhorn provides email, sourcing, applicant tracking, calendaring, task management, job management and CRM in one integrated solution.
  • Available anytime and anyplace via the Internet, Bullhorn supports virtual employees—since time, location and device are irrelevant.
  • Delivered On Demand, Bullhorn handles all upgrades and provides the utmost in flexibility, cost efficiency and competitive advantage.
  • Bullhorn integrates with the industry’s leading back office solutions — allowing Mom Corps to pick the back office strategy that suits them best.


  • Sourcing and Placing Candidates – With Bullhorn, sourcing has been transformed from a laborious task into a highly automated process. Mom Corps is now sourcing and placing candidates faster than its competition.
  • Communication and Collaboration – With all candidate and client information easily shared, sales and recruiting get 360° visibility into each other’s activities — resulting in faster placements and greater client satisfaction.
  • Scalability/Growing the Business – Bullhorn integrates with Mom Corps’ Intuit QuickBooks back office solution — reducing data entry points, automating payroll and billing processes, streamlining operations, creating efficiency gains, and increasing the accuracy of data. Additionally, with Bullhorn’s True Cloud technology, O’Kelly and her team don’t have to worry about expensive hardware and data center costs. Mom Corps can invest their time and revenue back into the company’s main goal: offering excellent customer service to their clients.

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