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Bullhorn Helps UAE Consultancy Agency Dramatically Transform and Revolutionise Their Whole Recruitment Process

REACH Employment Services, a Gulf Capital invested company, is a market leader in employees’ recruitment and outsourcing. Established 15 years ago and now with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Qatar, REACH has outsourced over 15,000 staff and now works with over 4,500 contractors. Moreover, REACH is registered and approved by the Ministry of Labour, allowing the company to issue temporary Employment visas and operate payroll service.

After REACH’s recent selection of Bullhorn Recruitment CRM, we caught up with Tarkan Sami, Vice President at REACH, to explore the company’s successes and challenges before, during, and after implementing Bullhorn recruitment software.

It was only recently that the back office and recruitment consultants of REACH were not working under a unified process. Each recruitment department had its own process stemming simply from Excel spreadsheets, an ambitious feat given that over 90% of REACH’s revenue is generated by contract recruitment, a process known for complex administration.

In 2014 Reach Executive management team made it their mission to change this, setting out to create a synchronised process that would revolutionise the way the company did business. They set out to define the issue at hand, and they immediately noticed the need to unify and integrate the recruitment CRM across all recruitment departments. To Tarkan, a recruitment CRM is not just a KPI management tool. It is a powerful business tool for managers and recruiters alike to provide support, improve efficacy, and ultimately drive revenue. For REACH, one of the biggest roles of implementing a unified recruitment CRM was the prevention of loss of intellectual property, industry knowledge, and personal information. According to Sami, “When people get up and leave, you lose a big chunk of data.”

To address these issues, REACH chose Bullhorn. Since then, Bullhorn’s partnership with REACH, along with the business’ recruitment prowess and professional integrity, has put REACH on its way to being recognised as one of the most trusted, reliable, and professional recruitment partners within the UAE. REACH is quickly becoming the regional partner of choice for clients and job seekers alike.

REACH has always gone the extra mile to get the job done, striving to become a partner that truly understands and grows with its clients. In the aftermath of implementing Bullhorn Recruitment CRM, REACH is now in an even better position to grow with its clients. Because of Bullhorn, the company has more control with regards to key activities. Even simple things such as the ability to lock new vacancies, CV conversion rates being reportable, and the visibility of new vacancy hiring trends are having a huge impact.

REACH can now notice specific business trends in the UAE market, capturing key data in the early stages and acting upon it before competitors. This has provided REACH with more confidence in reporting and forecasting across the business. In stark contrast to earlier years, REACH is now in a “much stronger position than ever to predict business outlook.”

As was expected, there was initial resistance at implementation. But after just one week, the recruiters at REACH were “loving Bullhorn,” and the software almost immediately transformed the way the company had been working for nearly sixteen years. Not only was did Bullhorn boost productivity, but visibility into individual performance increased dramatically, allowing REACH to further invest in personalised employee training and development.

Out of all the software providers that REACH examined, Bullhorn proved to be by far the most innovative. In particular, the continuous updates, access to the Bullhorn Marketplace, and the ability to scale internationally with ease helped REACH to make its decision. Sami added, “Expansion is part of our business model, but with Bullhorn we can now pick up the phone, add users immediately, and have recruitment consultants up and running instantly at any location on the globe.”

The Future

Having established such strong foundations already, the EMEA Bullhorn team is both delighted and excited to continue its relationship with such an ambitious and professional company. Now that REACH has even more confidence to offer new services, the company is enthusiastic about integrating new tools and offering new alternative services for recruitment. Specifically, REACH will soon be in the position to consider integrating Bullhorn’s onboarding software. This integration is anticipated within the next year, and it will place REACH in an ever better position in the Middle East. Reach CEO Malik Melhem is confident that REACH’s relationship with Bullhorn will continue to have a positive impact on revenue generation.

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