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Singapore Recruitment Agency Salling Search Delivers Incredible Customer Service with Bullhorn

Salling Search is a young search, recruitment, and headhunting agency based in Singapore. Primarily focusing on the shipping and marine industry, the agency is highly specialised and led by experts in this sector. Salling Search is operated by Managing Director Soeren Salling, who has an 9-year background both working and recruiting into this industry.

Salling Search has become a highly specialised agency with a unique, personal approach. Soeren himself admits that Singapore is a highly competitive recruitment market, and so Salling Search focuses on service excellence over price competition. In order to fulfil the company’s ambitions Soeren knew that he needed a recruitment software partner that was equally service-driven.

Soeren needed a recruitment ATS/CRM that would be simple to use, yet powerful enough to manage a demanding workload. As an agency operated by a single user, Salling Search’s success essentially and directly correlates with Soeren’s personal resources, so Soeren values his time greatly and is highly concerned with efficiency. Soeren knew that establishing Salling Search on a stable platform to allow for future growth would be key. Having used other well-known CRM providers in the past, Soeren was impressed with Bullhorn’s differentiated ease of use and innate customisability. After only 30 minutes of a live demonstration, he was convinced that Bullhorn was the right choice.

Bullhorn proved to be the perfect fit, especially as Soeren customised and optimised his workflow. With Bullhorn, he achieved a highly efficient administrative process to establish a sound foundation for Salling Search. Bullhorn’s support has also been invaluable in providing around-the-clock assistance and peace of mind. Ultimately, Salling Search relies on providing outstanding service and using the highest quality candidate management software reflects this ambition.

Since implementing Bullhorn, Salling Search has been able to use its new software to establish a rich candidate pool that matches its specialised market. Bullhorn’s search functionality leads the industry, and it allows for granular insights that would prove to be critical for Salling Search. Skilled candidates and demanding clients within the marine industry require a close dialogue and constant transparency. Bullhorn has allowed Salling Search to achieve the necessary level of service with its advanced CRM features. The business is now in a stable position and using a robust platform which will allow it to thrive.


Soeren admits that Salling Search was never intended to be a recruitment conglomerate, but instead a lean and highly specialised agency with well-trained consultants. Soeren believes that Bullhorn’s training offerings will be crucial for the development of his company’s consultants. The foreseeable future looks promising for Salling Search, as it projects significant operational growth and onboarding of more industry expert headhunters. Despite its place in the competitive Singaporean market, Salling Search’s service expects to remain in high demand.

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