Staffgroup Moves 110 Recruiters to the Cloud with Bullhorn

Global recruitment agency Staffgroup has successfully implemented Bullhorn’s True Cloud, software-as-a-service ATS and recruitment CRM solution across its Earthstaff and Eurostaff divisions based in the UK and Germany respectively.


The Latest Technology on a Global Scale

Staffgroup made the transition to Bullhorn to support expansion and improve its business intelligence reporting. It was previously using an older hosted solution which failed to keep pace with its recent Berlin expansion or plans for future growth, which include new office openings in Hamburg and Houston later this year.

Suzie Ballard, operations director at Staffgroup, explains: “We are focused on expanding our presence globally and to do so we needed a solution that would integrate with all our other systems and would be easy to implement across our expanding network of offices.

“We went through a rigorous selection process and Bullhorn came out on top every time. Its intelligent reporting system enables us to better track key KPIs and is already massively reducing the time taken to onboard new employees.

“New graduates found it difficult to get to grips with the old system which was not intuitive and required extensive training; with the Bullhorn system, they simply log in and can get on with recruiting from day one. In addition, their commitment to research and development means that our recruiters will always benefit from the latest technologies – not true of hosted solutions.”

Peter Linas, international MD at Bullhorn concludes: “As a True Cloud platform, Bullhorn can be accessed from anywhere at any time so we are well positioned to help Staffgroup grow.

“In a competitive industry like recruitment, we understand how important it is to get new employees up-to-speed as quickly as possible; we have made the Bullhorn platform as intuitive as possible to enable recruitment agencies like Staffgroup with an international staff base to do so effectively.”

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