Stimulating job mobility is one of the main focal points of Enschede municipality. Nynke Sönmez is constantly working to match the talents and wishes of workers with permanent or temporary vacancies. Underlying goal is to keep people mobile: this increases the organization’s flexibility and enables it to optimally match jobs and co-workers.

The first plans to stimulate job mobility within the organization were formulated in 2009. Because of enduring budget cuts and hiring freezes in the public sector, job mobility has become even more important. The Enschede municipality has linked job mobility to the recruitment and selection process. These efforts are supported by the solutions of Connexys.

Candidate reporting

On the intranet site of the HR department of the Enschede municipality, co-workers can voluntarily register for job mobility. The registration form allows them to provide their personal information and preferences. Based on this information (salary, function type, etcetera), the system will try to find a match with available vacancies. Vacancies that match for at least 60% with the wishes and demands are automatically shared with the co-worker through a periodical job alert that allows the person in question to apply immediately. Co-workers can edit their preferences at any time.

An intake meeting is scheduled with every co-worker who registers for the first time. In that meeting the registration is analyzed and the possible next steps, like career coaching, are discussed. Nynke: ‘We feel that co-workers themselves are responsible for their own career, but we do try to optimally facilitate their job mobility with a personal approach and with our job mobility registration option. And luckily, our co-workers really appreciate this approach.’

Candidate reporting

All the information about co-workers, such as meeting reports and assessment results, is stored in a personal file in the system at a central location that can only be accessed by the career coach and the co-worker.

Connexys’ job mobility solution

Enschede municipality selected Connexys’ job mobility solution to professionalize the processes at the career centre. The solution helps to achieve the following goals:

  • Lessen the administrative burden for both career coach and co-worker.
  • Create a comprehensive, automatically updated file on each co-worker, instead of a labour-intensive Excel-sheet.
  • A dynamic talent pool.
  • Increased co-worker commitment.
  • The right co-worker in the right position.

The increasing importance of collaboration

Nynke expects close collaboration with other organizations to become increasingly important in the effort to keep people mobile. Municipalities are already considering teaming up in an area-wide platform.