How do you come into contact with enterprising engineers?

International high-tech company TMC is continuously looking for highly qualified technical professionals in the field of research, development and engineering. But there is a lot of scarcity in this target group. Things are made even more difficult because the people TMC is looking for must combine technical talent with passion for entrepreneurship. This unique mix requires a special approach. TMC hopes to double its workforce within a period of three years.

To help achieve this objective, Connexys recently implemented a new recruiting system at TMC, which reflects the company’s philosophy and is compatible with its new website. The website has a new look & feel and has been designed from a completely new perspective, with focus shifting away from job openings. The new goal is to create a dialogue and establish durable relationships with the various target groups in the labour market. And the CRM recruiting system, the Resource Manager and content marketing play an important role in this new approach. This case study offers you a look behind the scenes at TMC.

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