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Recruitment Software to Grow Your Business

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Recruitment Software to Grow Your Business

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Finally, recruiting software that lets you manage relationships, not data.


Make More Placements

Bullhorn ATS allows you to manage the entire recruiting lifecycle, eliminate time-consuming data entry, and make placements in record time.

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Win More

Bullhorn Recruitment CRM analyses all of your data, helping you to identify the best opportunities so that you can win new clients and secure more jobs.

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Increase Client Satisfaction

Bullhorn Pulse provides automatic relationship insights that give you all the information you need to anticipate your client’s needs ahead of time.

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recruitment buyers guide


Looking for the perfect recruitment software solution?

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Recruitment Agencies is a free resource that aims to help you eliminate guesswork and decide what type of recruitment software will best fit your agency’s needs.

Solve Adoption Challenges


Bullhorn radically changes the way your team approaches CRM. It automatically captures all client interactions, eliminating manual data entry and maximising your team’s productivity.

Grow Your



Bullhorn CRM analyses all of your data, helps you identify the best opportunities, and tells you the optimal time to email key contacts so that you can expand existing relationships and find new ones.

Exceed Client Expectations


Bullhorn CRM provides relationship insights that give you all the information you need to anticipate client needs and to see the account from every angle.

quotesWe needed a system that would be easy to use and reliable if our consultants were to adopt it to the fullest. Bullhorn ticked all the boxes.”
– Rob Green, Chief Executive Officer, GRMSearch

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