CloudCall for Microsoft Teams is Here!

With CloudCall for Microsoft Teams, you can share contacts, make single click calls, open contact records and sync call activity directly into Bullhorn via your Microsoft Teams interface. And that’s just the start.


Integrated Texting & Instant Messaging

CloudCall allows a team to roll through a common curated list. The ability to drop a pre-recorded voicemail speeds things even more. Leave a message even as you are dialing the next call.

(Here the CloudCall Dialer is rolling through a Bullhorn list of candidates. A simple click on the Voicemail drop button in CloudCall leaves a prerecorded message.)


No more fumbling inbound calls

Which of the dozens of people you left a voicemail for is calling now? What did you want to discuss with them? Never again stall for time while searching for caller information as you pick up a call. Instead, wow callers with how on top of everything you always are. CloudCall’s Inbound Screen Pop not only identifies the caller (or potential callers if from a main number), it also presents recent notes to provide context for the call.

(In this picture, 3 purple arrows highlight the inbound caller notification, as well as the native record and note tabs automatically opening.)


More complete call notes, consistently

Even well-intentioned people cut corners when things get hectic. CloudCall reduces the friction involved with properly documenting calls. As the call starts, CloudCall automatically updates the Bullhorn contact log and displays the linked Bullhorn notes page. Completed call logs and notes, along with call recordings, let executives pinpoint and address issues early on. Onboarding speeds up, accountability is enforced (no more phantom call notes), and staff success boosts retention.

(In this picture, the Date, Contact, and references are automatically logged on the right, while detailed notes can be taken inside of Bullhorn.)


Speed through calling lists

CloudCall allows a team to roll through a list in Bullhorn. Use the integrated CloudCall for Bullhorn Dialer to tackle tear sheets in record time. To be even more productive, leave a pre-recorded voicemail message as you are dialing the next candidate.


Recruiting on the go

To avoid phone tag, you often need to take or make calls and texts from your mobile device. With the CloudCallGO! Application, your mobile device takes and makes calls, texts, and internal instant messages using your work number, while your call activity and notes are automatically stored in Bullhorn.

Utilize the same interface and functionality of the desktop application while on your mobile phone, to remove gaps in Bullhorn records.

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