Automation Maturity Curve Quiz: Where Do You Stack Up?

No matter if you’re just getting started or already have a few automations in place today, take a look at where you are on your automation journey and plan your next steps. We’ve outlined three different phases on the automation maturity curve.

> Foundational: At the foundational level, you are likely using automation to clean up your data and set up some simple notifications.

> Transactional: At the transactional level, you are likely doing every item from the foundational level, but you’ve also started using automation to create one-off engagements with your clients and candidates.

> Transformational: At the transformational level, you’ve moved beyond one-off interactions. Now, you are creating long-term nurture streams to engage with candidates and clients across the recruitment journey.

Check off all the processes you are automating today to find where your agency falls.

Check off all the processes you are automating today to find where your firm falls.

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The Three Phases of the Automation Journey


You’re just getting started, but you’re further along than you might think. The automations that fall in the Foundational bucket are critical in setting the stage for future success with automation. Many of these are essential to getting your data in check, things like:

  • Populating empty fields
  • Clearing out old records
  • Sending automated surveys to gather up-to-date data from your candidates

Before you go on to personalise and automate communications to candidates and clients, you need clean and accurate data to trigger those messages.

Automations you might be running include:

  • Dynamic Status Updates based on Activity
  • Update Candidate Resume
  • Candidate Submittal Notification
  • Application Confirmation Email
  • Consent Gathering
  • NPS Survey


You’ve begun to implement automations that take your business to the next level. At the transactional level, you’re likely doing most of the data cleanup and notification-based automations from the foundational level, but you’ve also started using automation to create one-off engagements with your clients and candidates.

Automations you might be running include:

  • Follow-up with Client Website Leads
  • Engage Passive Candidates
  • Automate Cold Call Follow-up
  • Actions Triggered by Candidate Activity
  • Interview Confirmation
  • New Candidate Follow-up
  • Post Interview Survey
  • Post Hire Survey
  • Send Automated Texts
  • Post Interview Survey
  • Interview Rejection Follow-up


At the transformational level, you’ve moved beyond one-off interactions. Now, you are creating long-term nurture streams to engage with candidates and clients across the recruitment journey.

It’s clear you are creatively unlocking ways to leverage automation throughout the recruitment life cycle. But as we all know, there’s no limit to the ways in which automation can impact your business. Hear from a few of these Automation All-Stars and see what else you can incorporate into your automation strategy.

Automations you might be running include:

  • Re-Engage Lapsed Client Leads
  • Engage Top Talent
  • Onboard New Hires
  • Job SLA Monitoring
  • Event Management
  • Semantic Match
  • Website Tracking
  • Client Marketing
  • Redeploy Contract Employees
  • Create Client Engagement Scores
  • Integrating with other technologies

Meet the Automation All-Stars

Recruitment Leaders Changing the Game

When it comes to automation, some recruitment leaders have climbed the maturity curve and are now setting up hundreds of automations within their business. These automations are interconnected and complex, and at the end of the day, making an outsized impact on their agency’s success. These are their stories:

Automation Does the Work of 4 FTEs for Nicole Hart at Fuse Recruitment

“Through implementing automation, we have been able to connect with so many more clients and candidates than ever before. This has ultimately given our recruiters more time on their hands to do what they do best, which is recruit.”

– Nicole Hart, Fuse Recruitment

Sanne Del from Six Degrees Executives unlocks the value of data with a few simple automations

“If you look at the value of data, it’s massive… You can integrate the data and make sure your business operates highly effectively, not just by repeating processes but using data to improve those processes along the way…”

-Sanne Del, Six Degrees Executives

Mike Adam at Triple0 Saves an Hour a Day and Improves the Candidate Experience With New Lead Follow up Automation

“We thought automation would be a much more significant investment – both money and time. I couldn’t believe how simple to implement and manage it is.”

– Mike Adam, Triple0

Rachel West at Bluefin Resources uses data hygiene automations to overhaul the database for faster searches

“Herefish was a tool that could take away heavy lifting from the consultants. That’s the primary driver – how to enable our consultants to use a system they trust, that has relevant data, is efficient and is as up to date as possible. The automations we have set up to date have been tasks that will take a consultant hour and hours to do.”

– Rachel West, Bluefin Resources

Automation Example Library

Need more inspiration? Scroll through this list real-life examples submitted from our community of Recruitment Automators across the globe!

Automation: Utilised a series of dynamically updating automations to develop an ongoing candidate engagement program designed to leverage legacy relationships and improve candidate experience. Impact: Improved data quality, increased access to quality candidates and an enhanced experience for contractors and candidates with very little manual input from our users.
Laura Byrne Next Job Program Manager @ PeopleBank
Automation: An Automation that provides candidates with the required information for their first day of work. It automatically updates Bullhorn status fields and gains survey results at key milestones from candidates and clients. Impact: Provides consistent communication to candidates and keeps Bullhorn data live and accurate while we gain instant feedback from candidates.
Grant Beggs Prestige Staffing
Automation: We integrated custom fields from Bullhorn into Herefish to use surveys as a prescreening tool for incoming candidates. We can gather information like city, cross streets, salary info, job titles, etc to screen out candidates immediately. This information is put directly into fields on their candidate records in Bullhorn and also saved as a note making all of that information readily available for recruiters to review. This helps us narrow the candidate pool quickly. Impact: We are able to save time weeding out the initial pool of candidates to focus on the ones that are potentially qualified for the job. We spend more time doing direct outreach to the most placeable candidates. We can do the same amount of work that we have done in the past now with a significantly smaller team.
Nicole Sollars Marketing and Operations Manager @ Renaissance Personnel Group, Inc.
Automation: An automation that sends a candidate experience survey to our candidates, and sends those results to our partners and their RDRs Impact: Provides direct feedback for our partners to help improve their business process.
Dylan Minton IT Manager and Salesforce Admin
Automation: Automating the collection of data via a survey when candidates are placed. Impact: This helped to improve customer feedback given rates and also helped improve the business through operational improvements.
Ryan Thompson Marketing Manager @ Focus Cloud Limited

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