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Top Support Team Tips & Tricks

5th November, 2020

Susan Hung, Technical Support Analyst at Bullhorn


No one knows your questions and concerns better than our Bullhorn Support Team—whether it's how to best utilise Bullhorn or how to troubleshoot an issue. Join us on Thursday, 5th November at 10:30AM AEDT for a training webinar, in which the support team addresses your common questions.

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Automate Your Candidate Sourcing Strategies

The recruitment industry is now seeing a strong candidate market, where simplifying your sourcing strategies and engaging with candidate’s at the right times is more vital than ever. Bullhorn's Hugh Catterall, Enterprise Account Specialist and Nathan Green, Solutions Consultant explore how you can improve candidate engagement and boost your sourcing strategies in this webinar.

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How Herefish Can Help You Maximise Your Marketing Efforts

Understanding how to build and maintain your marketing funnel via automation can help you manage your candidate and client relationships with ease. View this webinar presented Bullhorn's Rita Badin, Account Executive and Nathan Green, Solutions Consultant to see how you can utilise Herefish for your marketing needs.

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Changing Recruitment Landscape - The Future of Automation

As part one of Bullhorn's new free Virtual Event Series, Aaron McIntosh Bullhorn's General Manager, APAC, was joined by Kelly van Nelson, Managing Director at Adecco, Grant Beggs, Managing Director at Prestige Staffing and Tyson McNeilly, Director and Co-Founder at Fuse Recruitment in a panel discussion. They explored what strategies their companies have undertaken during lock down to digitise their businesses, what they have learned, changed and adopted through remote working and what they feel the new normal will look like moving forward.

This session will enable you to make automation your advantage in a changing landscape, solidify your relationships & drive maximum ROI.

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Changing Recruitment Models: Practical Tips for Success

For a large part of the industry who have worked in the talent sourcing and permanent recruitment space, business has suffered through the recent months. It’s time for a monumental change in mindset - the “Ultimate Pivot” to shift your focus and to build out different offerings within your business’s framework. In this webinar, industry specialist, Col Levander from and Phil Cook, Regional Sales Manager, APAC at Bullhorn discuss new models that can be introduced into your business in the immediate future.

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Maximising the Impact of Your Social Presence

In this webinar, learn how you can stay meaningfully connected to your network of candidates and clients via social media. Recruitment marketing expert, Chris South, Managing Director at Prominence explores the types of activity you should focus your efforts on (and those you shouldn't) as well providing specific examples of what has worked for others.

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Building Resilient and Positive Teams in Challenging Times

There’s no doubt your team's mindset has changed through the challenges of the past few months. In this webinar, leadership expert, Paul Lyons, Managing Partner at Mental Toughness Partners and Aaron McIntosh, Solution Consulting Leader and General Manager APAC at Bullhorn discuss how you can develop a resilient and positive mindset as we gradually return to a new normal.

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Productivity Anywhere, Anytime with the Bullhorn Marketplace

Businesses have always faced the challenge of improving performance, keeping employees motivated, and increasing output. While these challenges are nothing new for staffing and recruiting firms, they manifest themselves differently in a rapidly changing working world. To get ahead, firms need to leverage technology not just to capture efficiencies, but to foster best practices. Creating an atmosphere of collaboration, even when we don’t share the same physical space, is integral to motivation and output. So how can you empower your team to stay connected, expand relationships, and maintain visibility in an ever-changing landscape?

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Transform Your Recruitment Agency with Automation

In this webinar, you'll learn about the role of automation in recruitment and see how other recruitment agencies like yours have utilised automation of manual tasks to get time back to focus on client and candidate relationships. It is presented by Bullhorn's Ben Carter, Sales and Strategy Director, along with Phil Cook, Regional Sales Manager, APAC and Hugh Catterall, Enterprise Account Specialist.

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Expert Advice: How to Take Advantage of Government Stimulus for Your Recruitment Agency

In this webinar, join Paul Masters, Managing Partner at Sovereign Private and Matt Webster, Regional Vice President of Enterprise at Bullhorn will discuss what the Australian Federal and State stimulus measures mean for your recruitment agency. Watch this recording to learn how to take advantage of these measures and prepare for the future of your business.

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