Copilot and Bullhorn’s vision for AI

Copilot is a suite of AI recruiter capabilities in development at Bullhorn, designed to embed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) directly into recruiter workflows across the recruitment process. With a focus on elevating the work of recruiters, Copilot will help cut down time spent on manual tasks, empower your team to work at a higher level regardless of their experience, and free up time for them to focus on relationship-building.

Categories of staffing AI

Sourcing AI

Help me find the best talent and jobs

  • Find me the best candidates to fill a job
  • Identify jobs my clients are posting that I don’t know about
  • Automatically build a search for a new job
  • When a contract is ending, highlight the best job to redeploy your candidate

Using AI-powered smart search technology, SourceBreaker by Bullhorn gives you instant access to thousands of job title and keyword variants, synonyms, acronyms and pre-built company lists. Leverage these searches to reduce time spent manually searching, make more placements, and capture top talent and client opportunities ahead of the competition.

Generative AI

Help me write content and messages

  • Summarize a profile
  • Pitch a candidate for a job
  • Create text messages, emails, resume cover letters, and interview questions
  • Improve existing communication and job descriptions

To supercharge recruiter productivity, Bullhorn is building AI-assisted content creation directly into the Bullhorn ATS. This will allow staffing firms to benefit from capabilities provided by generative AI models (such as ChatGPT), such as generating email messages, improving resumes, summarizing notes, and much more with the click of a button.

Directive AI

Help me with what I need to do next or focus on

  • For jobs like this, require steps like these
  • Summarize key previous interactions
  • List the next x things you should work on today
  • Notify me of at risk alerts and opportunities
  • Identify best person to contact

Directive AI serves as a productivity and learning tool, helping recruiters to work smarter, not harder. This set of capabilities will build upon information collected from industry data sets, past recruiter actions, and thoughtfully developed best practices to help recruiters apply optimal tactics in their day-to-day work.

AI in action

See a sample of the AI staffing use cases Bullhorn is working on for 2024 and beyond.

Quickly summarize profiles

Leverage Copilot to quickly pull information from your candidate’s resume and profile into a thorough summary. Easily adjust the tone, length and format of the summary to fit your recruiter’s needs.

AI Copilot graphic

Pitch your candidate for a job

Generate a message to your client pitching your candidate for a role using the experience and skills found in their resume. Adjust the formatting and tone of the message for SMS or email, update the information included in the pitch, and easily send to your clients.

Pitch candidate for job

Analyze if a candidate is good fit for a job

Empower your recruiters to more effectively evaluate candidates for a role, regardless of their experience. Copilot quickly analyzes a candidate using their resume and the job description, providing insight that saves your team valuable time.

AI Copilot graphic

Create screening questions

Using a candidate’s resume or a chosen job description, generate a list of thorough screening questions to aid your recruiters in the hiring process.

Screening Questions

Generate email and SMS messages

Use pre-selected or custom prompts to generate email and SMS messages to your clients and candidates. Draft a check-in message, write a rejection email, pitch a qualified candidate to your client, and more.

Generate Email Copilot graphic

Adjust and improve messages

Not only will Copilot generate messages for your recruiters, it also adjusts the tone, length, and feel of a message to better fit your team’s needs. Restructure a message for SMS, rewrite an email in a more professional tone, shorten a message, and more.

Change Tone

Automatically find the best candidates for a particular job

Reduce the time needed to search for qualified candidates. You can immediately identify recommendations for candidates already in your database, ranked based on data found in their resume and candidate profile.


Unlocking the potential of AI

“When deployed thoughtfully, AI-powered tools will be an enabler of success to those who leverage them – not a replacement for employees. It can empower your junior employees to work more like senior staff, and senior employees to work faster.”

Jason Heilman
SVP, Product – Automation & AI


“With support from AI, recruiters no longer need to choose between personalization and high volume. They can have the AI do the work of personalizing their messages and send 100 at a time.”

Matt Fisher
President and COO

“To get the most out of AI solutions, it is critical for Enterprise organizations to have the right organizational capabilities in place and partner with software companies that understand the compliance and regulatory complexities for deploying AI across their business.”

Jeff Neumann
VP, Product Marketing

Bullhorn’s artificial intelligence principles

Prioritize customer benefit

We will adopt AI where and when it can be most impactful to our customers and their business goals.

Develop with integrity

We will develop our AI offerings with a focus on responsible AI principles. We are committed to robust data security, ethical AI usage, compliance with applicable AI laws, transparency and accountability, and customer trust and privacy in our AI development and use.

See Bullhorn Responsible AI Statement

Keep innovation at your fingertips

Bullhorn will offer customers access to approachable cutting-edge technology built natively into the products they already use everyday.

Prioritize choice and flexibility

There is no one size fits all – Bullhorn will evaluate and apply the best strategy for each AI category to maximize value for customers, while continuing to expand API support for generic models and niche solutions.

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