Bullhorn’s Big Deal for Big Data


Today, Bullhorn acquired The Code Works Inc., the makers of VMS Access – a cloud-based software product that integrates corporate procurement and vendor management systems (VMS) like SAP’s Fieldglass with CRM systems like Bullhorn. Our staffing customers were asking us for an integration between Bullhorn and popular VMS solutions used by their biggest end-user clients so that they could spend less time on data entry and more time interacting directly with their customers, and we listened to them.

There are number of reasons that this is a fantastic acquisition for Bullhorn and our customers. First, The Code Works Inc. has developed incredible technology. The way in which The Code Works Inc. integrates CRM platforms with disparate VMS solutions that don’t have public user interfaces is truly innovative. We see much broader applications for this technology in integrating other disparate systems in the future. The Code Works Inc. is solving an incredibly complex problem with elegantly engineered solutions, and our customers have already taken notice. The Code Works Inc. was a longtime Bullhorn Marketplace partner, and the majority of their current customers use the Bullhorn CRM. In addition to delighting dozens of Bullhorn customers already, The Code Works Inc.’s technology represents a tremendous opportunity for the rest of our customer base as VMS continues to redefine recruiting. With 70% of large buyers of temporary labor (including Fortune 500 companies) now leveraging VMS solutions, there’s really no turning back. We need to ensure that our customers are prepared and maintain their competitive advantage.

At Bullhorn, we take a Big Data and analytics-based approach to problem-solving, and TCWI’s technology is Big Data-focused at its core. This technology consolidates massive quantities of information from various procurement systems and pulls it into a CRM. It distills these huge sets of information into intelligent insight and sends the right job orders to the right people at the right time. Combined with the plethora of aggregate information we already have from the millions of job orders that flow through our CRM product, the implications of integrating this technology and approach into our solutions for MSP enablement is astounding. Imagine the value to staffing agencies if they had insight into not only every element of their own business, but insight into industry fill rates, fill times, and hiring trends at Fortune 500 companies? Bullhorn can do that for you.

Many times, acquisitions are about more than just technology. That is especially true here. The The Code Works Inc. team is extremely talented and we’re excited to have them join our family. Jonathan Novich, founder of The Code Works Inc., is an industry visionary with 20 years of experience helping staffing firms grow their businesses. In addition to being a technologist, he’s a highly-regarded independent consultant for some of the largest staffing conglomerates in the world. As companies of all sizes continue to adopt SaaS-based services, Jonathan and his multi-national R&D team will help build solutions for the MSP and VMS space. They will apply the same Big Data-centric approach our team has successfully used in the past to developing integration solutions for building different services on top of the Bullhorn platform.

This is truly a game-changer for our customers, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re looking forward to sharing more information with customers and answering any questions you may have in a webinar we’ll be conducting on August 14th, featuring Jonathan Novich and our chief marketing officer Gordon Burnes. Bullhorn customers and The Code Works Inc. customers, please register for our webinar. You can also read our press release.

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