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We help you to get the most out of your software

We get your company moving. We are experts in technology, recruitment and automation and work exclusively for staffing & recruiting companies. We’ll work with you and your team to understand the specific needs of your business and help optimize Bullhorn and your other staffing technology. We draw up a strategy, roadmap and implementation plan to ensure the right use of the right technology.

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Implementation experts

We have the best and brightest recruitment technology specialists on our team, covering everything from strategy, project management to implementation. HRlinkIT will make it happen and we will still be friends afterwards.

We put together a team, make an action plan and determine a deadline together with you. We ensure that all communication is transparent and that the right people are involved in the project. We organize weekly status calls and keep our finger on the pulse. We ensure a seamless implementation and finish with customization where necessary. Such as custom dashboards and templates.

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Training and support

We provide trainings for anyone who will work the new software. Ensuring that everyone works in the same, consistent way and understands why this new way of working was implemented.

After handover, our Customer Success Team is on hand to provide further support. Answering all your questions about the recruitment software and the tools. We also implement regular updates and deal with potential problems to ensure you lose as little time as possible.

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