Real-Time Visibility

To truly assess the profitability of your business, you need to see your margins and profits more granularly than just a summary of your balance sheet. Bullhorn provides financial reporting tools that surface profitability data by each individual placement, allowing you to summarise your business performance by client, candidate source, recruiter, and business line.


Bullhorn features flexible options for data connectivity to your choice of General Ledger software. Regardless of your company’s size and the complexity of your ledger, Bullhorn can streamline your data flow to both AR and AP and pull data into Bullhorn for visibility into finance-driven metrics like invoice aging reports.


Ad Hoc Reporting

You can use our Ad Hoc reporting to measure a variety of previously unattainable KPIs, including true gross margin. This provides valuable insight into performance and guides critical business decisions to prioritise highest margin clients and jobs.


Real-Time Dashboards

In addition to our complex, ad hoc reports, there are plenty of pre-built dashboards that allow finance teams to display more complex data in a way that can be shared with the entire business. That way, all the teams are working off the same insights and working towards the same goals.

It’s like getting out of a Prius and into a Porsche.
Alastair Paterson Commercial Director, Marks Satin

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