Dutch Work: S Release is “Simple, Fast, and Easy to Use”

Bullhorn is an international company, and the launch of S Release has caught the attention of customers around the world. Our intrepid Account Executive based in the Netherlands, Jelle den Dunnen, spoke with Roy de Grave, the owner of recruiting firm Dutch Work. Roy has been using S Release since February, and he was kind enough to give us his thoughts on the product and why he’s excited to be a Bullhorn customer.

JDD: Why did you decide to purchase Bullhorn as opposed to other solutions on the market?

RDG: In my opinion Bullhorn is a complete and fast applicant tracking system, which allows you to decide yourself how much of the system you would like to use. The smooth integration with your email, done on the server level, is very important for me. We work together with several recruiters from a diversity of countries, so we need a system in English but the ability to speak to Dutch Support whenever we want to is great.

JDD: What were your first impressions of S Release? What are your favorite parts?

RDG: S release is a real improvement over the previous version of Bullhorn and other solutions in the industry! The new layout looks sharper and more modern than the classic version. But more important, there are a less clicks needed to walk through the same processes. The consistent look and feel makes it easy to understand. I’m working on a Mac, so the S Release is a double blessing!

JDD: What results have you and your team seen from using S Release?

RDG: S Release saves us a whole lot of time. A simple example: while on S Release, we let an employee of another department update our candidate database. We only needed to show it to her once for her to understand and do the work by herself. This clearly shows that the system is simple, fast, and easy to use.

JDD: If other Dutch recruiting firm leaders asked you if they should use Bullhorn S Release, what would you say to them?

RDG: I would say definitely YES! It’s a complete system. You can use it if you are a big staffing firm, or a small one, whether you’re in temp, contract, or perm recruitment. Even for small organizations such as ours it’s a big timesaver. You can recruit more candidates and send more resumes to your clients in less time!

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