Solving the Problem


In a market where acquiring and retaining exceptional talent is challenging, generating higher yield from existing employees and onboarding recruits faster is a significant competitive advantage. As a business leader, you presently have to rely on gut-feel, incomplete data and time-consuming manual reporting, limiting your opportunity to maximise revenue generation from every employee.


cube19 is the smartest way to turn your Bullhorn and financial data into clear, real-time insights that enable your company to maximise revenue across consultants, clients, jobs and candidates. At the heart of the platform sits cubeTV, a gamification solution that increases engagement with Bullhorn to deliver a profound improvement on your data quality. As a result, you can access real-time, accurate business performance reports, on any device.

Put Quality Data at the Heart of Every Decision

1. Improve Consultant Billing

Ensure your managers and consultants are consistently working with the clients, jobs and candidates with the best revenue opportunities.

2. Improve Data Quality and Bullhorn Adoption

Transform your data-quality and adoption of Bullhorn overnight by gamifying recruiters to record what they do, when they do it.

3. Base Your Strategic Decisions on Real-Time Data

cube19 provides recruitment leaders, CFOs, and analysts with accurate answers to anything you could ask of the business within a couple of simple clicks.

Before cube19 I would give Bullhorn adoption across the company a 3/10 and now 8/10 just 3 months into using cube19. The improved Bullhorn usage is due to improved visibility and transparency of data. Everyone now has access to valuable insights that help them work more efficiently. If it's not in cube19, it's not in Bullhorn. We can identify if data is missing in real-time so the team is encouraged to track their activity correctly at the time it happens. We can see where things are going well, and sometimes not so well, and more importantly, we can understand why.
Martin Blythe Managing Director, Searchability

Identify Avenues for Growth


Understand where the inefficiencies lie across your consultants, clients, jobs and candidates.


Uncover the hidden revenue opportunities and behaviours that will fuel improved performance.


Demonstrate to your recruiters where their time is best spent to increase placements and commission.


Motivate your recruiters to record what they do, when they do it with beautifully designed leaderboards, trends, and deal flashes on cubeTV.


See real-time company, team, individual or client performance metrics on any device.


Put science behind your gut-feel to make every decision stronger with real-time, accurate data.

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