Generate More Sales from Your Candidates in Bullhorn

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This tip on generating more sales from your candidates in Bullhorn has been contributed by Barclay Jones, award-winning leaders in recruiting training, recruiting technology strategy, and recruiting marketing strategy.

If you are a recruiter who needs to generate more sales from their temp/contract candidates in Bullhorn, you will love this tip. Plus, recruiters of permanent positions can use this Bullhorn tip to manage starter check-ins, too.

  1. Are you a temp or contract recruiter that needs to know when placements are ending so you can generate more fees from them?
  2. Are you a perm recruiter who needs an easy way to manage check-ins?
  3. Do you want a fast, easy solution to help manage your time and boost productivity?

If so, take a look at this quick training video to learn how to generate more sales from your candidates in Bullhorn.

In this video, we cover how to:

  1. See all your starters and candidates coming to the end of their placement in one place.
  2. Recycle existing candidates in Bullhorn or extend their placement (and extend your sales pipeline).
  3. Reduce the time wasted with an easy-to-navigate, at-a-glance dashboard so that you can invest more time in your client and candidate relationships (and pipeline).

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