Meet Your Candidates Where They Are. Introducing Bullhorn Messaging!


At Bullhorn, we’re always looking for ways to make recruitment life easier, streamline processes, and help our customers deliver incredible experiences for their candidates and clients alike.

Now more than ever, in our fast-paced, digitised world, a key to success in this recruitment environment is a focus on candidate engagement.

In a recent GRID survey, 36% of you told us that candidate engagement and looking after your best talent was a key priority for your business. And if you joined us for EngageX Europe, you’ll have seen that Bullhorn has a real focus on what we call ‘Experience-Centered Recruitment’—being human, being where your candidates are, and delivering them a high-touch, yet automated experience that has your best talent coming back for more. Why? Because candidates are real people who are busy, have options, and expect a slick, timely, and personal recruitment process.

Introducing Bullhorn Messaging

That’s why we’re excited about our latest offering: Bullhorn Messaging. Powered by TextUs, a Bullhorn Marketplace partner and market-leading text messaging platform for recruitment firms. Bullhorn Messaging helps recruiters communicate faster and build stronger relationships with leads, candidates, and customers by reaching them where they are—on their mobile phone. Here’s a sample of what you can expect with Bullhorn Messaging:

Engage on a personal level

To keep things personal, Bullhorn Messaging offers each user their own dedicated phone number, meaning they’re more likely to engage and build a connection with your recruiters.

According to Gartner, SMS open and response rates are as high as 98% and 45%, respectively–in contrast to corresponding figures of 20% and 6% for email. This is critical for modern staffing firms who rely on speed and responsiveness to be successful.

Schedule, track, and report on candidate outreach

Bullhorn Messaging offers more than just the ability to communicate via text message. It’s a messaging platform that includes advanced reporting to determine the level of candidate engagement, the ability to schedule and broadcast messages, personalise campaigns, and most importantly it integrates with Bullhorn ATS and Herefish so you know everything is tracked and kept up to date.

Build lasting relationships using Herefish automation

What’s really exciting though, is when you combine the power of Herefish with Bullhorn Messaging to automate candidate engagement. This means your candidates are messaged at the right time, in a personal way to build lasting relationships—all without putting extra burden on your recruiters.

“Being an outstanding recruiter is all about creating an easy and engaging experience for the candidate. To do that, you have to reach them where they are. With so many other distractions, candidates welcome the direct and personal nature of an SMS – but sending out messages to candidates at scale can prove timely and complex. Now, with Bullhorn Messaging and Herefish, it’s easy to set your firm apart by creating a convenient candidate experience with succinct, perfectly-timed messages.”
Jason Heilman Senior Vice President, Product - Automation & AI at Bullhorn

Anastasia Valentine, President and Managing Partner at IT recruitment company Resource 1, says, “By bringing TextUs and Bullhorn together, there’s instant benefit in consolidating our providers and aligning roadmaps for future innovation. It’s exciting for us, and any firm focused on delivering an excellent candidate experience.”

Better Together

When looking at our options for bringing messaging to our customers, TextUs was the natural choice. Having led the staffing market in texting and forging partnerships with hundreds of agencies around the globe, we’re excited about what the future holds as we work together to provide a best-in-class platform.

“It’s more important than ever for us to keep in touch with our top candidates and provide them with the best experience possible. Bullhorn Messaging is the perfect solution for us right now as we’re working hard to keep candidates engaged. We always benefit when our trusted technology providers streamline their offerings, and Bullhorn, Herefish and Textus coming together will make our working days easier and more efficient.”
Vincent Devoe Director of Business Applications at Signature Consultants

Bullhorn Messaging is core to our strategy for candidate engagement, and we’re excited about what this new offering means for our customers and their candidates. Find out more on our Bullhorn Messaging page, or talk to your Bullhorn Account Manager.




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