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Is Your Current Staffing Software Solution Maximising Your Agency’s Performance?

The competitive nature of the staffing and recruiting industry means every second counts. Whether it’s redundant data entry or inconvenient downtime, it’s time to step back and ask:

Have you pushed your current staffing software solution to the limit?

For many staffing and recruiting professionals today, the answer to this question is “no.” For many others, this question goes unanswered for reasons like, “I don’t know what good staffing software looks like,” or, “My software seems to work fine.” Unfortunately, in this industry, those answers result in lost revenue, missed placements, or wasted expenses.

The ideal staffing software program or applicant tracking system contains innovative technology and robust features that yield powerful results consistently. Evaluating different staffing software vendors that offer diverse platforms and functionality is overwhelming for most organisations. This challenge, on top of the high cost of switching to and implementing a new system, makes it evident why so many subpar competitors still exist. Shortcomings such as significant downtime, weak industry presence, limited scalability, and a lack of innovation are all signs of inadequate staffing software, and should be viewed as red flags to any recruiting professional.

A truly robust staffing solution should be scalable and flexible to meet the needs of agencies of all types and sizes. Recruitment agencies looking for the flexibility to add users shouldn’t be limited by their staffing software, whether it’s an on-premise or hosted solution. An agency that has three recruiters today should not be limited by the high costs of moving current data and implementing a completely new system when it comes time to grow. Not only does migration take time and money, but it also involves learning the ins and outs of a completely new system. The scalability characteristic of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems offers unlimited growth potential because it allows you to quickly add users, offices, and business lines without incurring massive implementation or opportunity costs.

When looking at vendors in the staffing software industry as a whole, size is strength. Companies that possess a large customer base and greatly depend on the vendor to keep their product running successfully will minimise the risk of downtime. A larger vendor may also dedicate more resources to support and service any customer needs. When staffing professionals spend less time worrying about their software, they spend more time focusing on their jobs and driving revenue.

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