Turbocharge Your Sourcing Strategy with Bullhorn Shortlists

bullhorn shortlists

Recruiters often spend far too much time sourcing outside their Bullhorn ATS/CRM when the most active candidates are in their database the entire time. Enter: Bullhorn Shortlists.

This little-known Bullhorn tip will speedily reveal active candidates ready to work with you right now.

Turbocharge Your Sourcing Strategy with Bullhorn Shortlists

Sourcing is not just about getting candidates into Bullhorn. You need active candidates who are looking for work right now. This tip is perfect for anyone who:

  1. Wants a ready-made list of active candidates
  2. Needs a sure-fire method to get to the right candidate quicker
  3. Wants to find out Bullhorn’s best-kept secret to speedy sourcing

Let us show you how to use Bullhorn to:

  1. Find active candidates that WANT to work with you
  2. Save time by focusing on the candidates you already know
  3. Secure your pipeline with an easy-access ready-made Bullhorn list of active candidates


Source the Right Candidates in Seconds with this Bullhorn Tip:


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