Introducing Bullhorn Talent Edition

Supercharge your internal hiring efforts using Bullhorn

How Bullhorn Talent Edition Works

In the same way that Bullhorn's Recruitment CRM helps recruiters make more placements, Bullhorn Talent Edition can help internal hiring teams stay more organised and make more hires. Here's what our customers really like:

Entirely Separate Database


Separating your internal hiring efforts from your external candidate, client, and job communications is key. With a separate instance, your internal talent acquisition team can focus on their hiring plans and manage their own workflows to make great hires.

Safe and Secure


Security and confidentiality are extremely important when hiring internally, and Talent Edition makes it simple to handle sensitive data like salary information and interview feedback so that employees never come across sensitive information about one another.

Hiring Manager Access


Hiring Managers can easily log in and view their open positions and the progress that’s been made against them. This enables them to keep in constant communication with recruiters as the hiring process unfolds.

For Your Internal Recruitment Team:

Centralise and refine the entire hiring process for your internal talent acquisition efforts, helping to improve team productivity from a single, easy-to-use interface.

For Your Hiring Managers:

Gain valuable insight into the hiring process, review CVs, and add notes directly into a separate instance of Bullhorn solely for internal recruiting efforts.

Why Your Internal Talent Acquisition Team
Should Consider Bullhorn


Access for Hiring Managers

Talent Edition provides unlimited Hiring Manager access so that key stakeholders can review jobs, candidates, and notes at all times.


Configurable Hiring Process

Internal recruiters experience the same seamless and configurable workflows in an instance of their own, with the ability to post jobs to multiple destinations.


Quality Candidate Experience

Mass mailing, SMS texting, and a fully customisable career portal ensure that all of your internal recruiting efforts are top-notch, providing a best-in-class candidate experience to your potential future colleagues.


Improved Team Productivity

Get more time back in the day by using features and workflows that are purpose-built to help you save time and recruit with ease, including automatic email tracking, advanced search, dashboard reporting, and more.

Powering Internal Recruitment Teams
at Agencies Like Yours

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