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Creative Ways to Overcome Talent Shortages

Tech. Sales. Engineering. If these terms make you cringe, you’ve probably been dealing with talent shortages. Manpower’s 2016-17 Talent Shortage Survey found the hardest roles to fill are those in the skilled trades, sales, IT and engineering and it’s all because of skills shortages. To bridge the gaps, recruitment agencies have to seek out new strategies to…

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How to Provide Constructive Feedback to Candidates

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How do you provide honest feedback to a candidate without alienating or offending them? Even if the news isn't necessarily bad—maybe you haven't heard back from the client—how do you deliver it without being discouraging? We asked recruiters for their top… Read More

Bullhorn Live Event Recap

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The most exciting recruitment event in Europe got even better with Bullhorn Live 2017! Catch up on the takeways, keynotes, and happenings from the event with the full event recap. Read More