Increase Your Job Orders and Reduce Time-to-Fill

Make more placements and ultimately win more business with Bullhorn’s intuitive submission workflows.

Seamlessly Onboard and Manage Your Candidates

Our integrated systems allow you to set up an efficient onboarding process to take your candidates from sign-up to ready for placement.

Scale Your Operations to Grow with Your Clients

To scale your firm and meet your growing clients’ needs, it’s critical to optimise efficiency while ensuring accuracy in your operations. Bullhorn’s reporting and back office solutions will get you there.

Best-in-Class Applicant Tracking System

Manage the entire recruitment workflow – from candidate sourcing to submittal to placement – with the Bullhorn ATS. Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry and enable your team to move fluidly through each step of the recruitment process.



With Bullhorn Onboarding, you can create as many new hire onboarding forms as your client demands easily using Bullhorn data. Deliver and collect the completed forms online, and track the progress of each form so you can send reminders to candidates when paperwork is outstanding.


VMS Integration

Integrate your VMS with your CRM for faster time-to-fill. Bullhorn offers the only closed-loop VMS integration available to recruitment agencies, empowering you to fill job openings at over 350 of the world’s largest companies.


Automation to Transform Your Business

Spend more time on relationships by leveraging the only automation platform built for the fast-paced needs of recruitment agencies. Drastically improve productivity, clean up your database once and for all, and deliver an incredible experience to your candidates and clients.


Ad Hoc Reporting

Empower your team with true ad hoc reporting. Build any type of report and gain complete visibility into the state of your recruitment agency.

We use Bullhorn, we use Great Recruiters, and we use Herefish. You need to acknowledge that the world around you is changing, and you’ve two choices: keep up or get off. We’re firmly in that ‘keep up’… or perhaps in a ‘stay ahead’ phase right now.
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