Automate Throughout the Entire Recruiting Cycle

Make automation your advantage, solidify your relationships and drive maximum ROI with Bullhorn's automation solutions.


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If you're seeing a requirement to focus on:


Building and maintaining strong connections with your internal teams, clients, and candidates to stay connected


Embracing new technology that will be able to help reduce costs and improve employee productivity


Being agile in a quickly changing economic landscape to maintain your business and emerge successful in the future

You have a need for Automation

With Bullhorn's Automation solutions, you can:

Automate candidate and client engagement, drive productivity and data health

Drive agency productivity and data health

Automate VMS rec retrieval and candidate submittal

“We just replaced 50 data entry people and 6 months of work in a 10-minute call.


Cory Jensen,
CEO, Anistar Technologies

The Power of Automation


What does the power of automation look like? Salespeople, recruiters, and operations people are more productive, have better data and can communicate more efficiently



of new applicants not engaged with


of ATS records with old/inaccurate data


of your day spent on unproductive work



of new applicants engaged with


of ATS/CRM records up to date with actionable data


of your day spent on high value tasks

Automation can help your business now, AND in the future


Less busywork, more productivity

Reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive and manual busywork so recruiters can focus on relationship building 

SAVE up to 1.5 working days per recruiter per week 

Improved candidate, contractor and client experience  

Never miss an opportunity to connect with the right person at the right time with the right piece of information 

Increase contactor NPS scores on average by 30%

Streamlined and consistent operations 

Improve internal operations by automating processes to ensure they’re done correctly, every time

76% increase in placements from candidates already in the ATS 

Faster candidate submissions

Submit job candidates directly from Bullhorn without the need to enter them manually into your VMS

49% faster candidate submission rates 

33% higher fill rates

Increased redeployment rate 

Get more from your contractors, reduce churn rates and protect revenue by managing contractor satisfaction and end dates. 

27% increase in redeployment rate

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‘I’m not entirely sure how we would’ve got through GDPR as well as we did without Herefish. I feel sorry for businesses that had to do without.

Matt Dickens

Sales Director, Astute Technical


“What used to be a four hour process is something that's already built into Herefish. Herefish's ability to integrate in Bullhorn helps us streamline our email automation process and have constantly updated lists based on statuses in Bullhorn. We have been able to communicate more effectively with our candidates and contacts."

Chelsea Johnson

Marketing, Adams Consulting Group


‘Herefish is a Swiss army knife for recruitment communications and provides the missing 'marketing' link for our CRM'

Will Sawney

Head of Marketing, Conexus Group

Choose automation solutions from Bullhorn with confidence

With Herefish, Snelling is streamlining processes and creating consistent experiences across each of their branches
With Herefish, Personify is streamlining their RPO recruitment process and delivering a full talent engagement suite to their customers
Allen Recruitment Consulting
With Herefish, Allen Recruitment automates key processes to build better relationships

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