5 Practical Reasons to Invest in Mobile Recruitment


Mobile recruitment was introduced to the Australian market in 2007 and has continued to grow rapidly. Today, 90% of Australians check their mobile device within one minute of waking up and, of this group, 86% use mobile devices when looking for new opportunities. This explosion of smartphone adoption has created a massive audience of potential job-seekers to address. In a candidate-short market, recruitment agencies are increasingly feeling the pressure to become mobile themselves.

For those who are yet to jump on the bandwagon, here are 5 practical reasons why mobile recruitment is no longer a trend, but now a necessity for success in the recruitment world:

1. Business opportunities can be lost in a matter of minutes! Mobile recruitment allows consultants to be more responsive.

2. Mobile recruitment improves your candidate experience and attracts talent.

The new wave of Millennial job seekers has certain expectations when it comes to interacting with your agency. The members of this talent pool expect both recruiters and potential employers to be as technologically progressive as they are. If your agency’s responsiveness and mobile offering is outdated, you risk sending the wrong impression and potentially deterring valuable candidates.

As this new generation joins the workforce, the demographic of the typical recruiter is also changing. Recruitment is, in truth, a high turnover industry, and Millennials are notorious job-hoppers who crave stimulation and autonomy. By providing your consultants with flexible working conditions, you’re more likely to keep them engaged and productive.

4. Flexible work is no longer simply about working from home. It’s about working from where you need to be. 

Whether they’re traveling or have simply popped out for a coffee, recruiters are constantly on the move and meeting new people. Although recruiters often love the thrill of meeting a new prospect or client, it can become overwhelming to manage all their new contacts. Having all the tools to work effectively from wherever you need to be is crucial. A mobile recruitment CRM is a great solution, allowing your team members to add contacts to the database while they’re on the go so that nothing slips through the cracks.

5. Mobile recruitment has never been more accessible!mobiles

Recruitment and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined. There was a time when optimising your recruitment for mobile would mean costly custom integrations. The surge of cloud-based recruitment has made mobile applications more accessible, and they’re now often added to other essential technology suites like recruitment-optimised websites and recruitment CRM software.

Bullhorn’s market-leading
recruitment CRM is a great example of how accessible and intuitive mobile recruitment can be. Not only does it exist within the cloud, but Bullhorn Recruitment CRM is also accessible on all mobile devices with complete recruitment workflow management functionality.

If your agency would like to free its team from the confines of the office, click here to book a free demonstration.

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