Apply with LinkedIn – Integrated Right into Bullhorn

LinkedIn just announced their new “Apply with LinkedIn” capability that lets job seekers use their LinkedIn profile to start the job application process, instead of starting with a traditional resume. And we’ve partnered closely with the LinkedIn team to ensure deep integration with Bullhorn right from the start. So what does this mean for recruiters using Bullhorn? It means that candidates can choose to Apply with LinkedIn, and send you their LinkedIn profile to start their application, in lieu of a traditional resume. Now candidates may like this because they feel their combination of work history can now be presented with their recommendations, and that this may be a better way to start the application process. Plus if a candidate chooses this approach, they also instantly receive guidance on how they are connected via LinkedIn to people that work at your firm. What’s great about this too is that if you are a Bullhorn ATS and CRM or Bullhorn Reach user, you can take advantage of this today. Here’s how it works.

  1. You publish your jobs to job boards and social networks via Bullhorn Reach. If you are using the Bullhorn ATS and CRM, you can import them to Bullhorn Reach with just a single click.
  2. A job seeker finds a job on say, Simply Hired, and when they click through that link, they are taken to your specific job listing on Bullhorn Reach.
  3. On that page they can choose to contact you via Bullhorn Reach by hitting the “Let’s Talk” button. At that point, they can either manually complete a form and upload a resume or choose “Apply with LinkedIn.”
  4. If they choose the “Apply with LinkedIn” button, a version of their LinkedIn profile is sent to your account and you will get an email with a link to it.
  5. And, if you are using the Bullhorn ATS/CRM, when a candidate uses the “Apply with LinkedIn” button, that action also gets captured as a web response against the job, and the candidate profile in the ATS gets created automatically using the data that the candidate provided via “Apply with LinkedIn.”

Pretty cool, right? We’re very excited to be partnering with LinkedIn on this from the start, and looking forward to seeing how recruiters are going to take advantage of this new capability going forward. You can read more at the Bullhorn Reach blog: What do you think about “Apply with LinkedIn?” Let us know in the comments.

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